Ambushing the Ambushers

This quest is a Tier 2 quest given by Percolem The Hunter who can be found in the Royal City of Ter Mur.


Greetings, hunter.

You have proven yourself to be a capable hunter, able to hunt the lesser creatures without fail. My injury prevents me from coming with you, so I ask that you be careful with your next task. To hunt a kepetch ambusher requires great skill and patience, as they spend most of their time lurking in the shadows awaiting unsuspecting prey. When you have reached an area where they are known to be, walk carefully, and listen carefully, and you will be successful. As usual, I will reward you with something from my wife's stock of imbuing ingredients. Do you think you are you ready?


Slay 20 Kepetch Ambusher


Kepetch Ambushers can be found in northeast of the Royal City of Ter Mur. Since they wait for their victims in stealth mode, finding them is not easy. Hearing a snake-like noise will indicate that they are near.


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