BNN: A Story from Trinsic Under Siege - "Citizens Rescue Orphans from Jou'nar"

Grayson Drake Mar 22 2000 7:18PM

Since the fall of Trinsic hordes of refugees have poured into the safer cities of the realm. What of the plight of those left behind? Jou'nar's troops managed to seal off the city before proper evacuations could proceed. Many citizens, many families were trapped in the nightmare. With guards dead and hung from the gates, murderers freely walking the streets, and mysterious sightings of "fallen Paladins," first reports of the occupation did not bode well for those left behind. Most of us had given up all hope on any more survivors from Trinsic.

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I admit when I heard that the renowned painter, Anton Zorzi, was heading into Trinsic to look for his lost family, I was skeptical. Most of us assumed the old man was finally walking to his own death. However, with the help of Professor Clio Temesa and her cousin Lady Gwen Tiraste, a rescue party was formed. Brave warriors and mages from all over the land quickly offered their aid to these two elegant ladies.

The group, well prepared and diverse, departed from the refugee center in Skara Brae and was immediately attacked by the undead hordes of Juo’nar. It was not long before the large party was hopelessly divided; yet still they persevered. They relentlessly searched every corner, every building, and every shadow. They found city guards mutilated and strung up on poles and hid from the amassed undead hordes battling knots of resistance fighters. The group however did not see a sign of any remaining civilians.

Finally the rescue party ran into Jou'nar himself not far from the Smuggler's gate on the south side of Trinsic. The green Liche was caught by surprise and they were able to drive him away from whatever misdeeds he had been planning. With curiosity aroused by Juo’nar’s presence in this area, they moved to search the building nearby.

With shock and surprise they found children on the second floor huddled among some crates. The young ones were hungry, sick, tired, and dirty. I would hazard to say that they had been there since Trinsic fell. The children sat waiting for their parents' return; never suspecting that those they called “Mother” and “Father” had fallen to the undead advance. Among the children was Anton's own granddaughter Helena.

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A magical gate summoned by a mage in the rescue party was used to take the children to the refugee center in Skara Brae. Inquiry revealed that Vincent Sphire, local jeweler and philanthropist, created this center along with Jordan, a healer. Here the rescued children may find aid and comfort among the many volunteers aiding those who fight for the cities of our realm and those who have lost so much to this dire tragedy. I wish them luck.

Though Trinsic has since been reclaimed from Juo’nar’s cruel grip, I felt this touching story of bravery and kindness must still be told.

-- Grayson Drake

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