BNN: Books Missing from Lyceaum

Apr 12 2000 1:06AM

News Bulletin: A young lady is being sought for the return of an odd, mostly un-translatable book to the Lyceaum in Moonglow. This book is titled, Alchemica Herbaria Cogniscenti.

Much of the book is still unreadable, but what has been deciphered seems to be a simple cookbook. Officials from the Lycaeum believe it to have been in a large pile of books that this young woman borrowed from the library, which incidentally, are overdue as well. The book should be returned to the library as soon as possible, as well as the other overdue books, including The Secret Love Life of Britannian Slimes, Wild Girl of the Forest Finds a Man, The Rogue’s Cookbook, and Genealogy for the Clueless.

The young lady in question was wearing all blue, and carrying a strange blue staff. The name she wrote down is illegible but it looks like it begins with “Sh.” The books are amassing considerable fines, so please, if you see the young lady of this description, ask her kindly to return them.

The scholars and staff of the Lyceaum thank you for your help in our annual “Save the Collection” drive.

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