BNN: Cemetary Attacks Continue

Zarkhon Xenoc Oct 4 2000 9:50PM

The attacks at the cemeteries continued tonight at Yew and Moonglow. Wilhaim and his followers again seemed to be behind the attacks. They searched the Yew cemetery for some time and departed disappointed that they had not found what they were after.

As before as people approached them they summoned forces to stop anyone from disturbing them. Many sought to learn what it is that Wilhaim and his followers are after. They simply could not get much out of him nor his followers. Wilhaim did divulge that they were very close to finding what they sought while he was in Yew. He claimed that it must be at their final destination which it was later discovered would be the Moonglow cemetery.

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The attacks at Yew were not overly focused nor did they consist of the more powerful monsters that were seen the other night at Vesper. Perhaps he and his followers power is growing weak after having called forth so many powerful creatures to assist them. What is it that he and his followers hoped to find in Yew? Leaving behind many of their minions for the heroes and heroines of the lands to defeat Wilhaim and his followers departed from Yew.

It was not long before they were spotted again and this time it was at the Moonglow Cemetery. They began as before by searching the various sites. This time he had more than just the Dread Lady Suzonne with him. There were five followers with him this time all adorned in bone armor and wearing red tunics.

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Wilhaim and his followers again summoned their minions to keep anyone that tried to approach them at bay. It was a site of utter chaos near the entrance to the cemetery. Many bone mages, bone knights, liches and lich lords were gathered there. Many came forth to fight the creatures and managed to defeat many of the foul creatures but they simply lacked the numbers needed. Eventually they rallied and began to make their way inside.

It seems they were too late however for Wilhaim and his followers had found what they sought. They began digging at one of the gravesites and after a short time they removed the remains from one of the sites. It is not known just who was buried at that spot but they gathered up the remains and quickly departed.

In related news a man known as Lord Lorack gathered several people from the lands at the King’s Men Theatre in Britain and spoke with them about the attacks. He said that he had been doing some research about the attacks and that had some books that might give some insight into what was going on. He passed out what books he had with him and said that he would attempt to leave another set at the Public Library in Britain for others to come and view.

Lorack also mentioned that he would try and return in a couple of nights with more information as to what Wilhaim may be up to. He said that he would again appear at the King’s Men Theatre and that the Town Criers would announce when he was again going to speak with those that would listen. He had little news to give anyone at this first meeting but said he hoped that by the time he spoke again his research would yield far more clues.

Now that Wilhaim and his followers have found that which they seek what will they do? Could some evil be in store for the citizens of the lands? We have faced several evil forces before and the brave residents have always come forward to stop them. This reporter is certain that whatever evil lurks in the future that they will once again.

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