BNN: Danger in Training

Hoklin Krat Aug 13 2000 4:54PM

The Pacific Training Institute is an organization dedicated to training adventurers how to survive in these dangerous times. Fitting to its cause, The Institute has recently been introduced to the true nature of danger : it comes when least expected and if you don't go looking for it, danger will find you. The danger facing PTI has manifested itself in the form of a powerful nemesis who refers to himself as "The Tormentor."

This sadistic enemy has sent his minions to attack the Pacific Training Institute a number of times in the past weeks. I spoke with Lady Advantium concerning the attacks - she had this to say, "The Pacific Training Institute will not stand by and watch its castle walls crumble before this onslaught. Plans are underway to destroy The Tormentor before his powers can grow too strong."

The Pacific Training Institute remains ever diligent in its defence, for now its patrons watch for foes from the walls. The classrooms are filling with eager minds and able swords. Perhaps the future is not as dark as things may seem.

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