BNN: Demosthena's Newest Obsession

Ted Gandy February 2, 2000

I had the great luxury of visiting Demosthena Sari, famed painter and sculptor of Central Minoc, this last Wednesday in her now-deceased Grandmother's home outside of Britain. The house has a warm feeling that lent itself to a very casual conversation. Though relaxed, it never ceased in being interesting-- coverig topics that ranged from inheritance to intolerance. Demosthena gave one of her more personal interviews to date, all in between bites of morning egg.

She sipped her glass of red wine, and began to tell me about life without her grandmother. She then quickly danced away from that subject with the grace of a fawn. Thinking of such animals is not hard when presented with this beautiful young woman, as her eyes are as deep a shade as a bluejay's coat, and her smile as red as the cardinal himself. Wearing only her sleeping gown, Demosthena continued the conversation:

Ted Gandy: Demosthena, in recent weeks we've heard many things about your inheritance of your Grandmother's estate. How true are these rumors?

Demosthena Sari: Ted, I would not call what I am doing "inheriting". One can inherit problems as much as they can inherit good fortune, and I'm afraid to say I've been bitten by both. You can dress a dried watermelon up as a good thing, but underneath, it's still a nasty, ole dried watermelon... Quite frankly, that's how I view this inheritance bit. I ended up with a dried watermelon, but some parts were still a kind of fancy.

TG: Such as?

DS: Well, as you may have heard, I've inherited my second piece of Forever Gem. At least, that's what the townsfolk are calling it. I've not decided what to do with these beautiful crystals, however be sure that they will remain dear to me!

TG: You say this is your second piece of Forever Gem? Please, tell me about the first piece.

DS: A good seven months ago I was in a controversial court case with the Vassal Vanlander. Well, Alex (that's his first name), was a decent enough man, but he left me few strings to chase in that case, and I was left to search for remote clues. One remote clue had an equally remote island involved, and a group of friends and I followed that clue straight into adventure. To make a long, though interesting, story short, we found a chest containing my family's crest. Inside the chest lay a vest and a small stone. I had no idea exactly what the stone was until I took it to Sage Chasvet. Chasvet analyzed it, and confirmed that it was Forever Stone, belonging to a forever gem. Sadly, that was the only information he had for me on it.

TG: You mention controversy between yourself and Alex Vanlander. Truth be known, you've had other, more recent, arguments.

DS: I can only assume you are speaking of my "tiff", though I wouldn't even call it that, with my cousin Argus.

TG: Can you clarify it for us?

DS: Well, certainty. It all started at the death of my Grandmother Alana. I was named solicitor of the Will, and I was, of course, planning on following through with all sorts of things. I had the house to keep, things to inventory, and other such nonsense. Of course, finding everything took months. My Grandmother had holdings all the way in Ocllo, and I had to trace the money and possessions. It was quite the effort.

I managed, obviously, and there were a few small things to be handed out on a personal level, as they were not included in the Will. One of them was the Forever Gem. I decided I would keep it for myself, not out of selfishness, but because I had honestly given everything of family value away as it currently was. It was the only thing of significance left, so I took it.

This did not sit well with Argus. He decided he wanted to pay a visit. Though the details are still fuzzy, I do know that he tried to snatch the gem from me. In response, I grabbed my tinker tools and twisted his nose, followed by a good knock on the top of his head with my smithing hammer. He was out cold, but I was put into the spot of seeming violent. Perhaps it was a touch extreme... but what's a girl to do?

TG: (laughing) True, Demosthena, True. So, what are your next plans?

DS: I for one am taking a nap. (pauses for a moment with quiet laughter and begins again) No, seriously… I plan to hold an auction of my Grandmother's more interesting possessions. I hope to use the money in research on the stone.

As the interview went on for a few more minutes, Demosthena spoke of finally finding closure. She also spoke of her return home to Minoc, later this week. Lastly, she spoke again of dissenting opinion between herself and her cousin Argus. "What turbulent paths lay ahead is unclear", says Demosthena, "but paths are still there". She smiled as she finished her poached eggs, allowing me to do some digesting of my own.

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