BNN: Drunken Ogre Bar and Casino Opens

PD Harris January 28, 2000

The Drunken Ogre Casino, located on the Northwest peninsula across the bay from Minoc, opened its doors Saturday evening to a rather large gathering of anxious gamblers. The ravishing Vanessa was providing gates upon request from the councilor hall in Britannia until Seer Eliar made for a more permanent arrangement. Tavern Mistress Kyra Songdessa was busily meeting and greeting as many of the visitors as she could while also acting as the last word on all gaming questions, as Jaycen tended to matters behind the scenes ensuring everything ran smoothly. Casino employees Nikki – dealer, HolyViper – dealer, Missing Note – barkeep, Lacrutio – barkeep, Hobart – guard, Jerath - arena ref, and Mrshan – dealer could all be found at their appropriate stations and were always at the ready to service the patrons every need, including expert answers to all gaming inquiries.

The Ogre offers a wide variety of games-of-chance to suit the varying tastes of all that come seeking to try their luck. From 'Black Card', their variation of twenty-one, to the fast paced game of 'Lifelines', an earth styled Paper, Rocks, and Scissors game where your dice roll determines your character in battle, you’re guaranteed to find a game that’s sure to please.

If a more proactive gambling experience is what you’re after, then the tower roof is the place for you. Duels and free-for-alls abound in the open-air facility with side betting action aplenty. Another popular game of chance that wasn’t listed as an official house game, and wasn’t being wagered upon at the time of the opening, was called 'Pokemon War'. Two mages would cast summon creature and then let their magical pets fight to the death. It was easy to see how a game of this nature could easily become one of the regular house games. If you would like a much more detailed look at the house games and their rules it is suggested that you go to their information booth, which is conveniently located at the corner of Fourth and

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At the information area you will be advised of everything the Drunken Ogre has to offer and may review a complete set of the houses rules and regulations. Once inside the tower walls all outside matters are to be forgotten. Everyone is treated with respect and honor as long as they adhere to the casinos ‘no fighting’ statute. Fair play abounds for all that understand the rules and abide by them. Good luck and happy gambling at the Drunken Ogre!

Drunken Ogre Hours:
12:00 - 6:00pm PST Monday
04:00 - 8:00pm PST Tuesday
12:00 - 6:00pm PST Wednesday
12:30 - 4:00pm PST Thursday
(Subject to change)

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