BNN: Eleana Coriel's Wake

William the Scribe Sep 24 2000 6:46PM

On the 23rd of September, Friends and Family of the Late Eleana Coriel assembled to pay their respects to a well-loved woman. As the mourners came in they saw a young woman in black awaiting their arrival - Marisa Mordin, the foster daughter of Eleana. Many a person familiar to Marisa did come, as well as many a new face. As Dusk fell, Father Morsal thanked all for coming on this sad day. He proceeded to praise the life of Eleana, a woman whose short life was led the way she saw fit to lead it. Father Morsal proceeded to help Marisa up so she could give the Eulogy.

Marisa Mordin shakily stood at the coffin and related to the mourners how Eleana found this young homeless girl and took her in, to be her foster daughter. Marisa vowed to continue to honor the memory of her mistress and foster mother. Then, emotionally drained, she asked if anyone would like to say a word.

One of Eleana's old friends, Elise Antero, stepped up and comforted Marisa. She told of Eleana's kindness to all who entered her tavern, and her love of life. Elise once ran the song and story nights for Eleana in the tavern.

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Elise was overtaken with grief and sorrow, finishing by saying, "She will be missed." After Elise sat back down Rastilna came up to pay her respects, remembering her wedding when she was allowed to use the tavern for her reception, and how food and drink were provided to the guests.

Many a mourner paid their respects to this Vibrant and Loving Lady of the Journey's End Tavern. Upon the reading of the last will and testament, Marisa Mordin was to be the new owner of the tavern and was charged by Eleana in keeping the traditions of the tavern and her spirit alive. In closing Marisa officially reopened the tavern so the mourners could drink a toast to Eleana Coriel.

But how did this lady die? It seems a mystery. All that is known is that a guard named Deamon brought the remains of Eleana back home to the Journey's End. Many a person talked to Marisa and pledged their help. A few of the people pledging help were Elise, Raistilna, BreeOrg and his guild, Twinkle and many, many more. It seems that there is a mystery to be solved, and the people of Moonglow will not rest until the truth of what happened to their Beloved Eleana Coriel is revealed, and the perpetrators brought to justice.

The Journey's End Tavern is located north east of Moonglow on the Felucca facet.

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