BNN: Elementals, My Dear

Cara Newsman Aug 7 2000 5:20PM

Greetings, I’m Cara Newsman here with another late breaking story. While passing through the town of Minoc on my way to cover a Miner convention, I overheard the town crier calling out a need for Adventures to go investigate some attacks by elementals over near the bridge east of Mount Kendall.

Not being one to pass up a possibly interesting story, and not really wanting to hear a lecture about the properties of mineral veins, I grabbed stylus and pad and followed after a small bunch of folk that looked like the Adventurer sort. I was not disappointed.

You may have heard that fire and water don’t mix, well, no one told that to these elementals. There was hissing and popping and howling and yowling going on when we got to the other side of the bridge. Fire elementals were crackling right along side Water elementals. Next to them some Air Elementals were dancing up a storm with some Earth elementals. I tell you, it was like a mage had gone insane and summoned up the elements and then run for his life.

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I took to the trees, hiding and dodging, letting the fighters do their jobs. The air was rent by the occasional scream as someone ended up on the loosing side of a fight, but there were a few stalwart healers wandering the area who stayed despite the dangers.

A lull seemed to come and the fighters began to collect the wounded and the treasures left behind by the defeated dirt piles and flamboyant fire fiends. I had started on my last sketch of the heroes leaving when someone called out “Blood Elem”! I tell you, I almost bolted for town, but then, I’d not be a true news hound, so I stuck my pad in my pack and climbed the tree I was next to. Sure enough, there was a blood elemental making its way down the road. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a second one joined it shortly thereafter.

BNN Elementals, My Dear - Picture 2.jpg

I’m pleased to report that while a few fighters did fall to the bloods, the group as a whole succeeded in killing off the creatures and then restoring the fallen to life once again. I overheard one person asking another what had just occurred here. The only reply they received was “Elementals, my dear”.

No one seems to know what spurred the creatures from their normal habits, although one mage by the name of Archon the Great was claiming responsibility for the attack. No one believed he was truly behind the attacks as he fizzled his recalls about four times before stomping off in to town.

I’m Cara Newsman, till next time, may the Virtues be with you.

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