BNN: Expedition in Need of Brave Adventurers

Durath Kreel Nov 5 2000 5:00PM

This past week a number of adventurers went to explore the recently discovered ruins in the Lost Lands. The rumors of undead activity were not exaggerated as they withstood wave after wave of zombies, liches, and skeletons.

With the undead dispatched, they set to seek entry into the mysterious tomb exposed by the recent sandstorms, and the apparent focal point of the undead activity. No matter of force or magic could gain entry through the heavy bronze doors. All looked quite hopeless when a number of strange figures emerged from the desert. Clad in the garb of the desert nomads and astride ostards, they identified themselves as the Kanur, a race long thought to have been extinct, and the current focus of Robyn ap Mir, the Lycaeum Archeologist responsible for these excursions.

They explained that their tribe was the victims of an evil race of wyrms that slaughtered their people, and cursed their lands, transforming them into the deserts they are today. According to their leader, Samir Al’ib, the tomb contains a sacred text that will allow the Kanur to reverse the evil wyrm’s curse. The adventurers quickly offered their assistance to Samir, who then explained how to unlock the tomb.

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According to Samir, the key to the tomb’s entrance is worn about the neck of the only ally the Wyrms could trust – an ancient dragon that inhabits the isle of fire. It is this dragon that the adventurers must now face to retrieve the key. But first, the dragon must be summoned. Samir explained that the only way to summon the dragon was a blood sacrifice of a golden calf. This calf must be found and duly consecrated before the dragon can be summoned and the key retrieved.

Samir also warned that he suspects the paladins of the Order of Ta'Sal Ek'Flam are in league with the wyrms. Their leader, Lord Tregar du Coeur, has made numerous death threats towards Robyn and her companions if she continued her search for the Kanur, and is suspected in the murder of Saul the Mad, the hermit whose weather altering spell resulted in the uncovering ofthe tomb.

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Samir will meet with adventurers at the Just Inn in Papua to explain the consecration process, and direct adventurers to where the golden calf may be found. With an ancient dragon involved in this, every mage and warrior will be needed if the key is to be retrieved.

If you would wish to help, the expedition is to meet Samir Al’ib at the Just Inn in Papua (Felucca) at 8PM o’ the clock (pacific), and depart shortly thereafter. Be sure to arrive on time, and fully equipped for an eve of adventure!

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