BNN: Mage Tower Sinks

Garth Ranzz May 26 2000 3:13PM

A tragic mood is in the air of Moonglow this evening as news spread that the famed Mage Tower sank below the chilly waves of the ocean.

The cries of alarm started early last evening as horde of Lizardmen, led by powerful shaman, were seen on the outskirts of town. Making their way to the town center, they were quickly met by resident defenses, but the sudden and overwhelming nature of the attack meant they took, and held, the city for nearly an hour.

"We didn't know what was happening," said one frightened young girl, "I was out buying my weekly produce when the alarm bells rang. Next thing I knew, three lizardmen were chasing me! Thankfully one of those adventurers saved me!”

However, the attack on town was apparantly just a feint to mask their true intentions: the felling of the Mage Tower.

"There was this odd pale guy," said a witness to events, "and he spoke in this weird hissing mumble, and this strange sea serpent came and cast some sort of a spell. Then there were explosions and the tower sank in front of our eyes."

Details are sketchy, but authorities asked for people to stay on the look out for "an individual with light blue skin, or possibly some sort of extensive blue tattooing." Subject is described to be of medium height and build, with long pale hair. If this individual is seen, please inform your local authorities so he may be detained and questioned.

Witnesses say that no one was within the Tower as it sank. The Council of Mages in Magincia issued a brief statement declaring the attack "a true tragedy", and vowing to "create a blue ribbon committee to study the issue extensively".

BNN will provide more details as they become available.

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