BNN: Moonglow Tavern Hosts Evening of Tale and Song

Thoerid Tempor May 15 2000 4:37PM

The recently opened Moonglow Tavern, found just south of the Encyclopedia Magika, is proud to announce its first ever "Evening of Tale and Song". Hosted by Lienna Revyan, the tavern’s house bard, the night promises to be filled with great talent. Bards from through out the lands are invited to come and share their craft and enjoy an evening of spirits and hospitality. Whether ye be a bard by trade, or simply by hobby, we invite ye to share your work! Enthusiasts of a fine tale and good wine are also invited to enjoy the eve.

Along with the enjoyment of the best bards in the land, Eleana Coriel, the taverns proprietor, is holding a "Name the Tavern" contest. A vote at the end of the eve by the patrons themselves, will decide the winning name. The creative individual who renames the tavern will win 10,000 gold and a life long "honored guest" status at the tavern. This includes free ale and food nightly for the winner and a guest - for life!

So come one, come all, Thursday, May 18th at 9:00 p.m. PST, join Eleana Coriel and Lienna Revyan for a night of enjoyment!

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