BNN: Mystery of Klaku'Au Tribe

Dandria Straili Jun 14 2000 3:52PM

As told from Eyewitnesses.

It began as an uneventful trip to the Britain Public Library as Ladies Gwen Tiraste and Clio Temesa perused the tomes in search of an interesting read. What they found was more suspenseful than any mystery novel's plot. Stowed away, in the back of rarely visited shelves, was a dusty and tattered cloth-bound book that was nearly illegible from age. Hidden inside its covers was a tattered treasure map.

A group of warriors was gathered and together they set off to find the treasure. Found near the treasure site was jewelry strewn about, mired in the dirt. Inside the treasure chest was a pouch containing more jewelry and another map. After the last items were removed a golden spirit, Maia Ch'au, appeared and warned them. Quickly she disappeared as a group of spiders and snakes began attacking.

Later that week a strange scribe named Darish Grignard was seen carrying a staff made from the trunk of a cactus. He asked many questions about the previous days' events but when he was questioned Darish refused to speak. It is believed he may be part of a secret group, sworn to protect the lore and myths of the Klaku'Au tribe, for he mentioned their name several times. He has not been seen since that time.

After decoding the latest map, Lady Tiraste again met up with a group of warriors at the Knights of Alliance Village to see what treasure it would bring. The chest yielded nothing unusual but a smudged scroll was found near the location of the chest. The group determined the scroll once had the name Klaku'Au written on it. Upon uttering the tribe's name, a spirit appeared - though she faded in and out of sight. Through stilted speech she pleaded with them. The group could not decipher all she was trying to say but words of being trapped and something about a mask was heard. At last she faded and a man, Simon Intror, bent over the spot she was last seen and spoke the tribal name once more. Immediately, golden Guardians appeared and began warning the group to leave. Intror walked up to one of the guards and touched her, which set the Guardians into a flurry of attacks. In the midst of the battle Maia Ch'au came forth and mocked the group as they tried to defend themselves. She summoned elementals, spiders and snakes before disappearing into the night air.

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What this leads to remains to be seen and much needs to be learned. To assist with this several brainstorming sessions have been called for and Lady Clio Temesa will be holding a class on Tuesday, June 20th, to relay what little is known about the Klaku'Au tribe.

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