BNN: Of Prophecy and Destiny

Lorelei the Monk Oct 3 2000 7:31PM

We have received many reports and descriptions of the events currently unfolding in Serpent’s Hold. Accounts range from factual narratives, to tales of a demon-child terrorizing the citizens. Perhaps the most harrowing was the following letter. It arrived but a few days ago from an unknown source, the seal intact.

If you are reading this then I am dead…

I have written this letter in hopes that it will reach those out there, among you, who are willing to do what must be done to stop a terrible evil, before it is too late. The knowledge I carry is too important to die with me. I speak of a boy, a boy of prophecies, a boy known in the city of Serpent’s Hold as Jaym.

The first prophecy was given over two hundred years ago. It was quite vague, though it spoke of a Great Weapon of Fire to be released upon the world. Around this prophecy a cult was formed, and for the next 2 centuries they grew and plotted for the time when the Weapon, their weapon, would finally reveal itself. I believe that time to be now.

The second, was given but a few weeks ago. It told of a boy, a thief who possesses an unimaginable gift, and whose path would lead down that of darkness. Unlike the last, this prophecy spoke of the form the Weapon would take, and like the last, this prophecy has been fulfilled.

Several weeks ago the boy was caught stealing. He fled the scene, and was chased by two of the towns guards to the far end of the Hold. He eluded capture for quite some time, but was finally trapped atop the roof of the Warriors’ Guild. There he unleashed a force that first burned the guards flesh, and then charred them to the bone. The Weapon revealed.

This cult shall not rest until the boy has taken his place with them. He is destined to become their weapon, and theirs alone. The boy has not yet learned how to control his power, but that is simply a matter of time. Each day he gains more control over his gift, each day he grows more powerful. He must be stopped before it is too late. Without the boy, this cult will crumble, without him they are nothing. He must be stopped…

Monk of Serpent’s Hold.

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