BNN: Orc Elected Chancellor of PaxLair

Trysta January 15, 2000

The Orcs are coming, the Orcs are coming!!

Eh? What's that? Oh, never mind! It would seem that the Orcs belong here.

If that's the case, then here must be PaxLair, on the Chesapeake shard. Strategically located between Vesper and Yew, PaxLair is the epitome and embodiment of neutrality in these chaotic times.

Recently, PaxLair came into greater focus due to a momentous occasion: the surprise appointment of an Orc to the high office of Chancellor. Just a few short weeks ago, Paxlair’s Mayor, Winfield, selected the former Orc Guard, Ruglug, to fill this position. When questioned about the selection of an Orc, a race that for so long has been hostile to humans, Mayor Winfield patiently explained his reasons.

Stating that with the recent discovery of ruins in PaxLair indicated the presence of Orcs in that area much earlier than first thought, researchers had delved into the matter suddenly at hand. Further exploration had verified that, indeed, the Orcs had not only been there, but had erected certain structures, one of which seemed to have been some type of shrine.

A shrine to what, perhaps you're wondering? A shrine to the Orc God, it was revealed. When pressed for more details, the Orcs were understandably unwilling to go into greater elaboration, preferring to keep even the name of their God secret. However, the Orcs were willing to acknowledge that soon, at an undisclosed time and place, they would be holding a sacred ritual meant to honor their God.

Appointing an Orc to the high office of Chancellor is just another unique accomplishment for the city of PaxLair. The city is whole-heartedly dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance between good and evil on a daily basis, as it strives to hold true to neutrality. The citizens of PaxLair are already making grand plans for celebrating the up-coming anniversary of the founding of PaxLair.

When asked about the ramifications and possible repercussions of appointing an Orc to such a position, Mayor Winfield reluctantly admitted that yes, some of the townspeople were displeased with Ruglug's appointment. However, he went on to explain, this was a necessary action in order to once again prove how dedicated to maintaining their hard-won neutrality are the citizens of PaxLair. PaxLair even tolerates the presence of Death Knights within their city. They retain a Woodland Elf, Luthien, as the Chairman of the PaxLair Council. Diversity, thy name is PaxLair.

PaxLair is determined to continually walk that thin line between good and evil and have recently constructed a shrine within the Chaos Tower to further the study of the Virtues.

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