BNN: Pacific Games

Krystalynn Jun 20 2000 8:35PM

Hail! My name is Krystalynn. I am writing you today to tell you about the wonderful time had last night at the Pacific Games! The Games began at the Minoc Town Hall, where the athletes met up with Verrock Judge. There were about eight to ten athletes that arrived for this grand event.

BNN Pacific Games - Picture 1.jpg

After the judge explained the rules, we all ran off in a southerly direction. We came to a ‘watcher’ that explained the rules of the first event to us upon our arrival. The idea was to weave around the chests that were placed on the ground. I tell you, you could get very dizzy if you ran too fast around them. There were also quite a few Orcs and Ettins that decided to join the event as well. Unfortunately, I was put to rest by the monsters and had to be brought back to the living by a wandering healer. I decided, at that point, just to watch the events unfold as the other participants went through them.

After weaving through the chests, the second event was quite simple. The watcher gave everyone some kindling and had them light a fire. When the fire was lit, they received a token as proof of completing this event. It was wonderful seeing all the fires lit along the road.

The third event was a test of courage, as the contestants had to run around the Brigand Camp to receive another token. There are about five tents in the camp and today, for some reason, the camp had more Brigands than it normally does. At this point there were fewer and fewer participants. Whether they gave up or got lost was unclear at the time. The last event of the Games was to cut fish up into fish steaks, with which no one had any problems.

At the end of the Games, there was an Awards Ceremony. The following people should be congratulated for winning if you see them wandering about our fair lands:

Grand Prize 5000 GP - Lady Kaya,
Second place 3000 GP SAK,
Third Place 1000 GP LilFiera.

Congratulations to all the winners! The ones that did not win were presented with a fireworks wand for their participation! Of this great event I have but one regret and that was not finishing the Games myself. I will however begin my training so that when these Games are held again I will be ready!

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