BNN: Skara Brae Invaded in Glaciac Struggle

Garth Ranzz January 15, 2000

Last night citizens of Skara Brae were terrorized as an army of fire and ice creatures descended upon their quiet town, led by Cerin al'Eceri. Cerin was apparently trying to kill his cousin, ibn al’Asifa, who is the leader of the al’Suq tribe in Glacia. Further, evidence points towards ibn’s mother, Ilien n’Asifa, being kidnapped by Cerin, just prior to the attack.

ibn and Ilien were to come to town to receive a mixture made from a rare “fire blossom” plant. Said plant was grown and nurtured by a large group of nobles, including the Lords Ivar Forkbeard and Myrkul, and the Lady Serafina Cole, after a desperate cross-country run to safeguard their seeds.

The mixture made from the plant will reportedly free ibn’s wife, Yasmine, from the icy prison which binds her in Glacia.

Speaking to ibn in the aftermath of the attack, he trembled in quiet rage. “Cerin is a maniac who kills the members of his very own tribe in a foolish quest for power. Now he has struck at my mother -- vengeance will be mine for such a cowardly act.”

ibn asks that anyone with information on where his mother might be held be relayed to him as soon as possible via the bulletin board outside The Falconer’s Inn in Skara Brea. Barring any clear leads presenting themselves sooner, he announced another meeting to discuss the matter next Tuesday at 9 PST in Skara Brae.

Cerin escaped during the attack, and is still at-large. He should be considered armed and very dangerous.

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