BNN: Tensions Rise Between Moonglow and Nujel'm

Finn the Scribe Jun 18 2000 6:45PM

For the last several months, political troubles have plagued both Nujel’m, and Moonglow. These tensions were brought to a head, recently, when a representative of Moonglow accused Nujel’m of piracy. The Sultan’s Vizier responded with a similar accusation of espionage.

According to sources within Moonglow’s government, the accusation was made after a link between the infamous Pirate Captain Diego, and the Sultan’s court was discovered. Unfortunately, Captain Diego was slain before he could be questioned, shortly after a raid on the isle of Verity.

The Sultan of Nujel’m’s Vizier was not reachable for comment - however, this official statement was received by messenger:

“Sources close to both the Sultan, and Moonglow, have fingered the mages in playing a hand in recent domestic affairs within the Sultan’s court. These troubles have ranged from instigating rebellion, to the recent death of Gloria, one of the Sultan’s favored nieces. The accusations of Piracy are entirely false, no doubt an attempt to call attention away from Moonglow’s hostile, and illegal actions against the Sultan.”

The political situation was further worsened after a dignitary from Moonglow was executed by Nujel’m during trade negotiations. Nujel’m alleges that the dignitary was a spy. Moonglow denies the accusation.

More details as they develop.

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