BNN: The Fashion Contest for the Skara Brae Festival

Krystalynn Jul 31 2000 8:56PM


I am writing to you this day to let you know what things I have encountered in Skara Brae.

I was out on my daily walk through town, when I came across a rather large group of people gathered together. Being that I am always looking for fun activities, I decided to take a closer look. Lined up along the tables were members of the Skara Brae community. It seems a celebration was being held, and members of the crowd had lined up to take part in a contest of some sort. They all had on their best clothes, posing and showing off. After some time, one girl started jumping up and down. She had won!

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That was not the only contest. They then lined up for the best couple, best group, most colorful, plainest outfit, and others. I don’t remember who won all the events, but there were some very colorful and unique outfits. I also took the time while standing there to draw a couple of pictures to go along with this story. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had this event again next year!

After all the events of the festival had ended, everyone was invited to a giant banquet where fine food was provided. Here is a rendition of that as well.

BNN The Fashion Contest for the Skara Brae Festival - Picture 2.jpg

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