BNN: The Oracle

Zxytortwp Jul 8 2000 4:03PM

They came this evening, just as I knew they would. Sometimes I wonder why I have this gift, since mortals become too predictable and knowledge of the future seems little needed to discern their course of action. They asked me many questions, but all on the same subject. Nostur’yl.

The vile demon is somehow starting to instill fear in the hearts of these mortals. He actually impressed me, as he had a hard time instilling anything other than anger during his last appearance so many years ago. Ah…but these people are not the ones of old. They do not understand the ends I work for, not even GreyPawn, although he shows a glimmer of understanding.

Of course Nostur’yl, in his heavy-handed way, broke into these questions by sending one of his minions to me. I told the minion all that I had told the others in the room, “The sapphire is held by Jordan Cromwell.”

Even though I believe it is the correct thing to do, it was hard, and, in the dimming of the lights, I begin to doubt. I have found that I like these mortals, even Thoma Valient, with his silly attempts at flirtations. That, as they say, is so much water under the bridge, however.

I have cast the dice and I hope I have done the right thing. For now I shall simply record all that occurs within this journal and look towards the future.

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