BNN: The Summoning of Masiu

Aaron the Scribe Sep 18 2000 5:56PM

Only scant days ago, evil massed in the Cemetery of the city of Britain. The Evil Mage Lord Tis'lor and his Unearthly Lich Lord aids began a most horrific ritual. Their plan, to summon the Daemon Masiu! Weeks of preparation for one moment in history. Tis'lor began his evil spell in one of the crypts within the cemetery grounds. However, as he readied his undead legions, there came the sound of battle. Not wishing this spell disrupted, he sent his aids to confront the intruders.

The warriors and mages of Sosaria wouldn't stand for this evil! At first it seemed only a few came to defend the City, however they were scouts for the main force being assembled. The Lich Lords summoned the Minions of the Dead to dispatch these mortals. With the heroism of legends the brave adventurers invaded the cemetery. They fought against great odds, but as a man fighting for his home, they were relentless.

Tis'lor called his aids back to protect him. The Evil Mage Lord chanted the spell to summon the Spirit of Masiu. His chanting was dominated by the Lich's guttural call of Masiu. The Heroes did attack the vanguard of the crypt, and many a good soul lost their life in this effort. But true to the sprit of the people of this land, man and woman, warring guild and foes banded to defeat this Evil. The vanguard fell with little resistance to the mass of heroes. In spite of the Heroes’ onslaught, Tis'lor completed the spell and all held their breath. Time seemed to slip by as the masses waited. When it seemed that Tis'lor had failed to make true his incantation, the heroes attacked with renewed vengeance.

Tis'lor was heard crying to the sky, "Masiu, why have you forsaken me!?" and was cut down by the warriors. It seemed that they were victorious and commenced mopping up the undead. Then, in the blink of an eye, a Daemon named Masiu appeared and began attacking the heroes. Thankfully, the stalwart Heroes rallied their forces, eventually ousting the daemon and sending him back to the abyss. Mages were heard speculating that since the spell had so many interruptions, the Daemon wasn’t able to fully manifest itself.

Nonetheless, the heroes, in united glee, shouted their victory to the world!

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