BNN: Ventryn's Power

Ferran Azelle Aug 2 2000 10:15PM

As I have reported previously, the people of Winterfell, along with their allies, have been battling Lord Ventryn for quite some time in a conflict sparked by Ventryn's desire for the ancient Relics of Stormguard. This desire has resulted in him attempting to destroy all in his way. Ventryn's obsession with the relics has only escalated since he acquired them. His intentions have now shifted from merely locating the relics, to successfully utilizing them for his unknown cause.

Recently I have been informed that a fifth relic exists, which in actuality is the Fallshorn blade, passed down by the Fallshorn family and once owned by the recently deceased Thain Fallshorn. Apparently this information comes from a unique source, the spirit of Ventryn's daughter who was slain in battle long ago defending the ancient community of Stormguard. Apparently Ardian Pythos, the brother of Ventryn, sent her into battle before her training was complete. Both brothers served on the Council of Stormguard and had been at odds with one another for quite sometime in regards to power. Ventryn's differences with his brother manifested into intense hatred when his daughter was killed. According to those familiar with the Ventryn conflict, Ventryn blames Ardian entirely for the untimely death of his daughter and has been consumed by hatred, jealousy, revenge and most recently power. The energy that Ventryn harnesses from the relics has only fueled his destructive anger.

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As of late, Ventryn's attacks upon the people of Winterfell and their allies has increased dramatically as defenders of the recently constructed Winterfell Keep fight off previously unseen undead. More aggressive and violent undead attack the Keep almost daily, and when they do not, larger attacks compensate for the lost time. Ventryn himself, restored to his human form by the relics, often accompanies his army to taunt those who bravely defend against him. The elementalist Qua'Tel has attempted to offer his aid, only to be halted by Ventryn's newly acquired power. Ardian Pythos, once confident that he was safe from Ventryn as a spirit manifestation, has recently been weakened immensely by the energy Ventryn commands.

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Although, perhaps there is hope. Earlier I mentioned the Fallshorn blade, the fifth relic. The relic itself is essential to both Ventryn, and those who oppose him. Ardian believes that if this sword can be located it can be used against Ventryn to temporarily break his hold upon the relics. If Pythos is correct, there could be hope. All of this is mere theory, however - but the fact remains that if Ventryn locates the relic first, he will undoubtedly reach the peak potential of his power. Even now, Winterfell, their allies and the Purple Guardians of Honor devise a strategy to locate the Fallshorn blade and harness it's energy against Ventryn. If Ventryn locates it first, if he has not already, then I fear the battle is lost.

Good luck brave adventurers, I eagerly await good news.

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