BNN: Winners of Race 9 Announced!

Alain al'Meerquit (On behalf of ibn and Yasmine al'Asifa) Jun 22 2000 2:56PM

The ninth race of the second season of Britain horse races was held last night to great attendance.

Three heats of racers competed for the purse, and a chance to advance to the finals.

Heat #1 was won by Celibacy, heat #2 was taken by Shea, and heat #3 was captured by Guruk.

Lining up for the final race of the night, the heat winners were focused, but tense. Evenly matched, Celibacy took the first race, while Shea rallied for the second match. Surprising all, Guruk beat Shea for the third match by barely a nose, leading to a rare winner- take-all fourth race.

When the signal to "GO!" was heard, all three racers gave it thier best, but a mid-field collision between Celibacy and Shea gave Guruk the space to take both the lead, and the match!

Guruk of WG took home the purse of twenty thousand gold crowns, and the chance to participate in the season finals.

Each season consists of thirty-six weekly races, with the finals being held among the weekly winners thereafter.

Previous winners include:
Week #1: Doolittle
Week #2: Last Target of IKK
Week #3: Lord Mrykul of =8=
Week #4: Kiana Thesan of -B-
Week #5: Louie of CPG
Week #6: Alicia Slate of -B-
Week #7: Drizzt of KRV
Week #8: Elise Antero of AoL

The races are held every Wednesday evening at 9 PST, at the Britain race tracks. To find the tracks, proceed west from the Cat's Lair Tavern, past the Warrior's Guild, into the farms. The fenced off field off of this path is the site of the race. I am present there at all times to answer your questions about the rules.

May the Creator watch over you, and may the wind be at your backs.

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