Ending the Threat

Ending the Threat is a quest given out by Elder Dugan the Prospector who can be found in in the Human Encampment inside the Underworld. The quest can only be taken after you escort Neville Brightwhistle to the camp and can only be done once per character.

Quest Description

  • Travel into the Stygian Abyss and kill Gray Goblins until they are subdued and will not attack the settlers anymore.

You have done much for us and I need you to be our champion again. We cannot sleep in these halls as long as the goblins threaten our safety. Return to the place where you found Neville and kill the gray goblins until they cower before you. Let them know we have a champion and they must seek elsewhere for a query. If you do this for us, I will reward you with our highest honor.

-Elder Dugan the Prospector

Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Head to the Gray Gonlin Encampment on the north east side of the Underworld and slay 10 gray goblins. Killing gray goblin mages is not necessary for the quest.

After you slayed all 10 of them, a Grey Goblin Captain will appear and die before you:

Oh, have mercy on us! Have you come to kill every one of us? Take what you will and go! Your kind is more terrible than the mistress! Woe are we, the gray goblins, we serve the mistress and yet she leaves us to be...

The captain has a symbolic loot of a Goblin Blood. Return to Elder Dugan for your reward.


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