Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith

Compassion - The Lycaeum

Fabrizio the Master Weaponsmith - The Lycaeum, North of Moonglow on Verity Isle

Quest Title Details Reward
Gentle Blade Slay His Werewolf Wife: Aminia the Master Weaponsmiths Wife Misericord (Wolf Slayer Dagger)

Fabirzio will give you a dagger (it's UBWS), which he asks you to use to kill his afflicted wife: Aminia the Master Weaponsmiths Wife. You don't have to use the weapon - the werewolf can be killed by summons & magery to complete the quest. Aminia the Master Weaponsmiths Wife can be found in the mining cave on the North-east side of the mountain on Ice Island (Dagger Island in UOAM). While in human form she is invulnerable. She turns into a wolf at approx 9-10pm UO time (tip : use a clock, craftable by tinkers, to find out the UO time). After killing the wolf return to the Lycaeum. Fabrizio tells you to keep the dagger, however the properties change it becomes labelled 'Wolf Slayer' (and it works as slayer weapon to wolfs) and loses the UBWS, becoming a fencing weapon. It is also the only reward of the set that is Not Blessed . The time that the wolf spawns is incorrect. The Wolf Spawned At Exactly 9:00 on sonoma, and it spawned 3 wolves by the time i got my mare to stop killing them so i guess they spawn for an hour of UO time.