Five on Friday - August 7, 2009

Note: This Five on Friday's title "01010011 01000001" is binary ASCII for "SA".

Why don't tamers have one or two extra pet slots? It took me little over a year to get to natural 120 tamer and I still only have 5 slots for pets. Am I the only one that don't think that's fair? Plus with the new pets and bigger slot numbers I think a tamer should get more slots like they get in the stables, not as many but more than non-tamers!

The amount of slots each pet, summon, etc, uses is balanced so that you can't have, say, two dragons out at the same time. If some characters had more slots than others, then we'd have to rebalance that entire system. While everyone might have the same number of slots available, tamers get access to much more powerful pets that makes each of those slots more valuable.

- Wilki


Will there be disadvantages with Throwing with if your to close will you do less damage or none at all?

Yes, distance plays a role in how effective you are at throwing a weapon at a target. Each throwing weapon has a "sweet spot" where you have no penalty to hit chance or damage. If the target is too close, then your chance to hit goes down. If the target is too far, the damage you do goes down. You can negate much of this penalty with high dexterity and strength. For those who want to specialize in throwing, you can use throwing weapons in melee combat, with the hit chance penalty being reduced to nothing if you also have maxed swordsmanship skill. Those edges sure do look sharp!

- Wilki


When tailoring BODs were first introduced, Hanse stated that the chance to get an exceptional BOD was 50% for a GM tailor. I've gotten a lot of BODs since then, and the actual chance to get an exceptional one seems lower than that. How come?

You're right! The chance is actually 33%.

Here is a summary of how a specific BOD is chosen, for a GM or above tailor.

  1. Choose the quantity needed (10, 15, 20) randomly
  2. 33% chance to be exceptional
  3. 92% chance to be small, 8% chance to be large
  4. Randomly choose from among all available types. Should be 55 types for smalls, 14 for larges. Notice there is no distinction made between cloth or leather at this point other than how many are in the list of each.
  5. If the type from step 3 is leather, then it has a 70% chance to be colored leather.
  6. If if is colored leather, the chance for each color is:
    • 60% spined
    • 30% horned
    • 10% barbed

That's the order in which each attribute of the BOD is chosen, so you can derive the percentage to get any one specific BOD from there.

I don't know why the exceptional bonus differs compared to what was stated years ago, but it's been the same since as far back as early 2004. If I had to guess, I'd say that it was originally intended it to be that, but it was changed based on testing or feedback at the time.

- Wilki


When are Custom House ladders going to get fixed in the new clients, they have been broke since the KR release?

You’ll be happy to know that we have a fix for this coming in the next patch! In terms of the enhanced client, we will be focusing on bugs and stability in the coming weeks. So expect a lot of long awaited and highly anticipated fixes over the next couple of weeks.

- Supreem


Is there a story arc still planned to usher in the SA expansion?

You bet! The collapse of the underworld dungeons will usher in a veritable Age of Enlightenment between Britannia and the Gargoyles.

- Draconi


How many keyboards have you all busted over getting frustrated with Ultima Online?

Since beginning work on the project; none destroyed. Before working on the project; more than two destroyed - I will leave it at that.

- Misk



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