Five on Friday - December 21, 2007

Continuing the "year-end wrapup" theme, I spent the week updating pages in the Play Guide based on information dug up in the past year's Five on Fridays. A couple of caveats:

  • I did not comprehensively fact-check and/or update every page below; I just added/corrected the info we had previously verified in FoFs.
  • I didn't update most pages based on patch notes, although that's pretty high on my list. Some pages did get updated (for example, the Item Properties page has cap information based on the latest game changes, which were made after the Property Cap-related FoF questions) but it's the exception rather than the rule.
  • Pages that don't exist didn't get updated. That sounds obvious, but it's actually an important distinction - for example, there's no page that discusses looting rules, so the updated FoF info about looting rules has no home at the moment. Given that I had way more to update than I had time to finish, I've shelved all new-page creation until after the holidays.
  • Likewise, pages haven't been updated with KR or Mondain's Legacy info if they did not already have it - that will require more research time than I had this week.
  • Note the "Updated" stamp on the bottom of the below pages: if that stamp isn't on a guide page, I make no assertions as to its accuracy. As near as I can tell, the cooking page hadn't been touched since '99 at the earliest, and gave instructions for how to cook food that brought back fond, if ancient, memories :)

In short, this is far from a comprehensive effort, but I hope that it's at least a start, and will lead to better documentation in the future.

Skills Pages

Item Properties

Champion Spawns

Magery Spells

Combat and Equipment



Keep an eye out for Snowball Wars to begin on the Winterland shard - Draconi is putting the finishing touches on them. Next week is a company-wide holiday (with the exception of the poor Customer Service folks, who we chain to their desks) so there won't be a FoF next Friday. Have a great holiday week, be safe, and play lots of UO!

- Jeremy

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