Five on Friday - July 14, 2006

1. I still have a lot of items that aren’t stacking together since Mondain’s Legacy. Can this be fixed?
Ando: I was just looking at this the other day. I’m hoping we should be able to fix many cases of this (though probably not all) in the near future.

2. Have you thought about putting commas on checks so we can easily see just how many zeroes a check has?
Draconi: Why yes, we have! It’s a real pain when trading bank checks to have to count the zeros (or other numbers) for each check. Not to mention the potential for an innocent player to be scammed by a less than virtuous one, who hides a 100,000 check amidst a few for a 1,000,000. While this may be a lower priority compared to the rest of our workload, if we’d like address this as soon as we have time to fit it in.

3. What specific changes are you thinking about next for combat?
Wilki: We're looking at quite a few combat related changes, and will be releasing more details about this in the near future.

4. Are you still planning to address the items created with the imprisoned dog dupe?
Wilki: Yes, we are. The timetable has not yet been determined.

5. Do you have any clues as to whom or what angered the Ophidians?
Saax Pannae: Last week, they seemed to be focusing on the less virtuous members of society, specifically thieves. Perhaps being unable to find whatever it is that they’re after, they’ve grown frustrated and are resorting to brute force.

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