Five on Friday - July 21, 2006

1. It was stated that an exploit was fixed in this week’s publish. Can you tell us what this was?
Ando: The exploit involved the housing system. However since the Dev team is not sure whether this was an issue players had actually discovered yet, it has been decided not to provide any further details about it.

2. Does discord negatively impact loot drops?
Wilki: No, it does not. Each monster has its own loot table, with luck playing a small role in determining what is actually generated upon death.

3. Has there been any discussion amongst the dev team about implementing a cap on melee damage? (e.g. to stop 60-70 damage concussion blows against 70 physical resist)
MrTact: No. We’d rather switch to a damage model that makes more sense. Obviously, that’s a huge undertaking and we’re not sure when that might be able to happen.

4. Does the dev team have any plans to change vamp form so that players in LRC suits start taking damage for casting spells that use garlic? Or is this as intended?
MrTact: It wasn’t intended that way. We should probably fix it at some point, but it’s way below our radar right now.

5. Are we ever going to get bookshelves (shelves with books)?
TheGrimmOmen: Although it’s not currently on the schedule, it seems like something we might consider in an upcoming publish.

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