Five on Friday - July 3, 2008

"My account isn't aging properly! What's wrong?"

I got an update back from our database folks and the process that passes account age to the game servers is, in fact, not working properly. I don't have an ETA yet, but we have people working on it.

Usually, it doesn't take that long to get the process started up again, but once that happens, it may take up to a week for every character to be properly updated - just be aware.


Since you're going to be removing old OSI houses, does that mean there will be a lot of new IDOCs coming?"

No - we're clearing these houses to make room for y'all to place in those spots, but we're not going to run them through the IDOC process. We're also going to be clearing them gradually - and without warning - so what will happen is instead of a huge land rush, you'll just see spaces start to open up over the next few months.

We very much appreciate everyone's help on this, incidentally - we've gotten quite a few emails already and we're confident that with your help, we can open up quite a bit of space for new and bigger houses for our active players.


"What are the rules regarding blocking off areas in faction warfare?"

There are a couple of different possible cases - here is the breakdown:

  • Faction Vendors: There MUST be a path between or around them. If there is not, the GMs will take action.
  • In A Faction City (but not in the stronghold): If there are items placed in such a way that other players can't move them easily (many many candelabras on one tile, for example) the GMs will take action.
  • In A Faction Stronghold: Anything goes.

If the GMs are forced to take action in any case, they will delete the items/vendors that are blocking a player's path. The faction signup stone is a good indication of where a faction stronghold begins. Keeping that in mind, any blocking that occurs outside of that area may warrant action


"As we approach UO's eleventh anniversary... where are my 10-year vet rewards?"

Ok, so... last September was busy. REALLY busy. But we haven't forgotten, and we have some fascinating things in mind. The anniversary comes every year, after all...



Spring Cleaning Phase III is ONLY available on TC1 and Origin right now - please do not send bugs on it from the rest of the shards!


What's To Come:

Publish 54 is baking on Origin over the weekend, and, barring disaster, it should hit the live servers next week. The Strangers will continue to appear in various locations, but don't be too distracted - there are several different players in this conflict. Don't forget the Followers of Armageddon, because they have not forgotten us.


Town Hall News:

The San Diego Town Hall is fast approaching - check out details here and don't forget to RSVP so we don't run out of chips and dip! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!


Fansite News:

Lots of stuff going on this weekend! First, a new museum opening on Atlantic:

Godra's Please Touch Museum
Grand Opening July 3rd, 2008 6pm EST.
Atlantic Shard. (north/west of Umbra's West gate) 21o14'W, 160o 9'N
Free regs, aids, Rose Petals, fruit, dye tubs, (potion kegs coming soon)
Souvenir Shop and more.
Come take a tour; see and touch the UO history first hand.
Gates from Luna Bank and Brit Bank will start around 6pm. Runes will also be available.
Thank You

UOForums has an interview up with Mesanna - check it out here!

And Whispering Rose's roundup:

Relax, kick off your shoes, and celebrate the long 'holiday' weekend by fighting members of 'The Six' and participating with Whispering Rose Radio [WRR] in these events...
Friday - July 4th - It's Shard Chatter time with TorAnn, Dr. Lil and PantherBabe on WRR. At 7pm PST, 10pm EST tune in to hear our panel chat about this weeks interesting topics and voice your opinions about the goings on in UO! They end their weekly show with "you know you have been playing UO to long when..." There have been some hilarious endings submitted by the listeners so feel free to send yours in. (ICQ numbers can be found on the website)
Saturday - July 5th - Tune into the Brush LimpPaw show. 2pm PST, 5pm EST. Brush (Norman Bates/Groucho) brings you the NEWS as only he could see it.
Saturday - July 5th - Its Time for Deal or No Deal ~ 'UO Style' on the CHESAPEAKE shard starting at 3pm PST, 6pm EST. Participants will be playing for 10million this week and of course there will be 5 - 250k door prize drawings * must be there to win*. For a map of the WRR DoND location on Chesapeake ... CLICK HERE. Bring your firework wands along and celebrate the July 4th weekend in UO Style!!
Sunday - July 6th - After four fabulous years, the Pacific Auction House (located just East of the Luna Moongate) continues to bring you more fantastic deals. Get there early for best seating. Auction starts at 12pm PST, 3pm EST and is broadcasted live on WRR.
Sunday - July 6th - The "Tazz & Keg's Underground" radio show on WRR is a must listen. The weekly show is broadcasted at 7pm PST - 10pm EST and you never know where they will lead you though their cave.
Enjoy playing Ultima Online while listening to WRR ~ Have a happy and safe July 4th weekend... see you all on the flip side.


Next week I'll be on vacation, and Bob is going to be holding down the fort for me. Please send FoF announcements (and the usual issues) to rmull AT ea DOT com, and don't be too hard on the guy! He will be doing a Five on Friday next week, although it will probably be slightly... nonstandard :)

- Jeremy

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