Five on Friday - March 13, 2009

When changes are pushed to TC1 why don’t they all make it to the live shards?

We place changes and fixes to TC1 for everyone's feedback and to give the players the chance to review the upcoming fixes/changes we are putting into each publish. As you have seen in the past we do not always publish to all the shards what you might see there. A perfect example of this is some of the balancing changes, after reading your responses we have pulled those changed to review further. We encourage your constructive feedback for anything on TC1 because we do read the boards, the general feedback and the bug reports you submit to us.

- Mesanna


Ever since there was a change made to BOD’s and Runic’s I do seem to receive the Large BOD’s to runics more often, but I never get the Small BOD’s to fill it. Why so?

Now, while it’s always possible that you’ve become a victim of the Random Number Generator’s secret conspiracy against crafters, it’s always possible we broke something. After reviewing the BOD generation statistics it looks like the ratio of Large to Smalls hasn’t changed since the update last year. It comes to mind though that since we’ve fixed the problem where it wasn’t making Large iron orders, perhaps you’re getting far more Small colored orders because of your high skill. Please send in more feedback detailing what types of BODs you’re having trouble with, and we can better track down what might be going on.

- Draconi


Would it be possible, please, to add some additional functionality to the Personal Attendants?

Feel free to send in some feedback about what you’d like to see, or start a thread on the forums!

- Draconi


Will we ever get new crate stealables? It just gets boring stealing the same things everyday.

Yes! Within the depths of the Abyss and across the face of Ter Mur, I’m sure you’ll find many new pockets to pick and mislaid items to liberate.

- Draconi


When will the invasions be over?

Publish 58 will end the town invasions, and launch the next series of events leading up to the conclusion of the Shadowlords arc.

All the town guard zones will be reestablished in Trammel, but the eight virtue cities in Felucca will remain without guards for now.

Additionally, the EMs will be leading much of the content for the rest of the arc, including battles.


The way that Luck factors into loot distribution has been addressed many times, but never has any dev team member ever explained what actually happens *after* a Luck roll is successful. So: What really happens when a character’s Luck roll is successful? We know that loot amounts and intensities go up, but by how much? And what decides by how much?

Wow. Finding the answer to these two questions has been an adventure. I’m going to answer them both at the same time, since they’re connected.

First off, you should know that this discussion is focused on the monster loot generation system. Every monster (every mobile, really) in the game has the opportunity to have a basic set of loot available when it dies. These loot tables are assigned to each type of monster in a set of predefined files, which contain the type of loot available and the range of item property intensities to add on to them. It is possible to generate loot outside these files, and some systems (like the Doom artifact system) take luck into consideration when making rewards. However, for the sake of these two questions, I’m going to ignore everything but how normal loot generation actually works.

Luck, in this way, can affect:

  • Number of items
  • Number of properties on items
  • Intensity of properties

A "luck roll" is defined as a roll against a chance of 1:100.

Before this roll is done, your luck is modified to fit that scale, so your luck directly converts to a percentage of chance that your luck will modify the loot.

The formula is: chance = round(luck ^ (5/9)). Results are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Luck Chance
0 0%
100 13%
200 19%
300 24%
400 28%
500 32%
600 35%
700 38%
800 41%
900 44%
1000 46%
1100 49%
1200 51%
1300 54%
1400 56%
1500 58%

And so on

This chance is evaluated as the RNG versus your luck. So if it rolls 30, and you have a luck result of 56, you win. The RNG can roll from 0 to 99, then tests whether its roll is less than your result.

I can officially verify that it’s impossible to “roll over” with too much luck, and not get anything.

Number of Items

Within each loot definition for the monster, there are a total number of items that it can potentially create. This is random, ranging from one to the max number available.

The luck roll can add one more item to each definition, if that number doesn’t exceed the max.

For example, let’s make up a case where we have two loot definitions:

  • The first definition has jewelry, max 3. It rolls between 1 and 3. Alas, the result was 1. You only get a bracelet.
    • If you make your luck roll here, this will increase by one. You now get two items.
  • The second definition has weapons and armor, max 3. It rolls between 1 and 3. The result was 3. Thus, you might get a bow, a shield, and a mace.
    • You already rolled 3 (the max), so luck is ignored.

Number of Item Properties

The same thing described above works exactly the same for the number of properties on an item.

Item Property Intensities

Finally, the luck roll also modifies the actual intensity of any magic property, as long as it doesn’t exceed the property’s max.

This part is somewhat tricky. Every loot definition has an intensity range attached. This actually modifies the range available compared to the item property’s actual range.

For instance, Damage Increase has a range of 1 to 50. A loot definition might declare an intensity range of 0.25 to 0.3. This would mean that the available range for DI is really 13 to 15 for that item.

The initial intensity is a random number within that range. In our case, let’s choose 14.

If we make our luck roll, our intensity is increased by 10% of the *item property’s max value*. So, 10% of 50 is 5. Our result is 19. However, that’s outside of that nice 13 to 15 range we established: it’ll cap at 15.

And that’s how luck affects the loot tables!

I think it’s broken though. Not in the actual code, but in all the thousands of loot table definitions. A huge portion of them don’t even allow players to have more than one item from a loot definition, negating the entire point of luck! That’s not even beginning to cover the actual intensity range definitions. I’m willing to bet that the loot tables themselves are the ultimate cause of luck not working properly, and need to be reviewed.

- Draconi



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