Five on Friday - May 2, 2008

"I have some quests that need honey, and I toggled the honey to be a quest item, but it won't let me turn them in! What's wrong?"

This is a fun one - if you have multiple quests that use the same item as the quest item, you MUST turn them in in order. The quest item will be tied to the highest quest in the list, so they have to be turned in to that quest giver, and then you can move down to the next quest on the list.


"I tried to reactivate an account/open a new account/add a code to my account, and I put in all the information, but when I hit "submit" it just refreshes. What's the deal?"

This is an intermittent problem that we've been having a heck of a time reproducing. Right now, the only solution is to back out and/or restart your browser and try again - the problem is intermittent, and you should get through after a few tries. (The codes do not get used, nor do credit cards get charged, when this problem occurs - that we can say for sure.)

We would be immensely grateful if, when you encounter this problem, you send me an email (jdalberg AT ea DOT com) with the subject "UO Registration Issue" and let me know the details, including what browser you're using, its version, etc. The more data we can gather, the faster we can pin down the source of the problem.


"My account age doesn't seem to be changing... again. Is it just me?"

Good news, here - it's not just you, AND we believe we've fixed the problem. Over the next week or two, everyone should see their account age catching up to where it should be. (The displayed account age is determined per character, and it's only refreshed once a week, so it might take longer for some characters than others. For a good overview of the account age system and Veteran Rewards in general, read this KB article.


Escort Bugs - QA Request

If you've ever had a an escort either follow you around and not acknowledge that they've arrived, OR disappear without clearing your quest log, QA would like to hear about it! Specifically, they would like a) the type of NPC (Bride, Noble, etc) b) the location you found them and c) the location they wanted to go to. Send these to uobugs AT ea DOT com, or use the Feedback Form.


Here's Where I Ask YOU A Question:

Are you playing with the Renaissance client? (The easy way to tell is by looking at the splash screen - the graphics that show up after you patch but before the login screen comes up. If that says UO Renaissance, you're using the Renaissance client! Also, if you installed off a Renaissance disk, that'd do it too.)

If you ARE, please drop me some Feedback using the "Question" category and tell me so - we're trying to find out how many people are still using that rather antique install!


What's To Come:

Publish 52 will be hanging out on Origin over the weekend (it's also still on Test Center, and you're more than welcome to hop on there and hammer on the housing changes some more as well.)

The War of Shadows is beginning, and Origin will face the Vanguard. Advance scouts report that Cove, Delucia, and Nu'jelm are the initial targets of the Shadowlord forces as they strive to disrupt Britannia's supply lines and demoralize its forces. Origin volunteer militia forces are encouraged to be prepared to defend those cities over this weekend.


Fansite News:

Napa Valley players, here are a few events for you!

Lord Nabin, High Council Sage of the Ancient Conclave of Wisdom guild and Whispering Rose Radio will be holding a special charity auction this Friday on the Napa Valley Shard.
Date: May 2nd, 2008
Charity: 2008 Buddy Walk
Time: 7pm PST, 10pm EST
Location: Deal or No Deal UO Style studio in Luna along the North wall
For a partial list of items click here
For more information on the event and charity click here
THEN...on Saturday (May 3rd), WRR will be holding the Deal or No Deal UO Style at the same location at 3pm PST, 10pm EST. Possibly win up to 10mil! All gold is awarded on the shard of your choice.
Check out the link here for more information on this weekly cross shard game!
Thanks everyone!
Vana Mana Rose *wink*


Town Hall News:

The Rockville Town Hall is next week - if you haven't RSVP'd, please do so! This is not a Town Hall you're going to want to miss, as we'll give some insight into the coming conflict.


A Very Special Announcement

Leurocian's baby girl Kaelynn Grace Malott was born at 11:18AM this morning. She weighs 8lbs, 3oz, and is 21 1/4 inches long. Mom and baby are just fine, and Leurocian's positively bursting with pride. So if you don't see him around for a while, you'll know why!


Happy Friday!

- Jeremy

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