Five on Friday - November 6, 2009

Can we please have some assurance that the Enhanced Client is still being supported and worked on?

Yes we are still committed to improving the Enhanced Client experience. Currently, we are focusing on improving the stability and performance of this client. There will also be a few other goodies for the Enhanced Client in the next publish.



What’s the deal with all those crystals from the Halloween quest (especially the blue one)? Should we keep them or ditch them?

You should trade all your red crystals for costumes as Tomas will no longer accept crystals once the Halloween event ends on November 15th. You might want to hold on to your costumes (even duplicates) as they may be of interest to someone else in the not too distant future! You can keep your gold crystals for as long as you wish and summon the Harbinger only when you see fit. There is no deadline on using them. The blue crystals will be of use in the next story arc. They will not be essential, but will definitely benefit to those who have them.



Is there an ETA yet for when the veteran reward character statues will be fixed-up so that we can set them out again?

We put in a fix for the statues in the last publish, these should be safe to replace now without fear of losing them.



Will we ever see Brittania enter the modern/futuristic age?

Well, we never like to say “never”, but honestly we aren’t thinking along those lines at all. Even though the early Ultima games had laser pistols and space ships, Ultima Online started as fantasy and is likely to remain that way for the foreseeable future.



Is there any chance that the sheaf of hay will be made stackable?

We are currently reviewing many items in the game that could be stackable, so there is a chance that the sheaf will be stackable in the near future.

-Stephen W.



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