Five on Friday - September 22, 2006

1. When will the 9th Anniversary Collection site be going up so we can all start getting our pre-orders made and find out concreate information about what is in the box?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer:
Next week! You should also see several of the online retailers post new information next week as well.

2. When will we see some more teaser content for Kingdom Reborn?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer:
I hate using this word, because I know the UO fans hear it far too often, but the answer is soon. The marketing and community plans are coming together quickly, and momentum will soon begin to build.

3. Currently, using garlic based spells as a vampire with lower reagent cost doesn't damage the caster. Will that be changed?
John@EA "Wilki", Community Coordinator:
Yes, along with garlic based spells cast via arcane clothing and scrolls.

4. You've said that you're going to fix pre-patch Talon Bites, but what about pre-patch Taskmasters?
John@EA "Wilki", Community Coordinator:
Unless we discover a compelling reason not to balance these, they will be adjusted as well at some point in the future.

5. Any more hints on blackrock and its alternate use? We're going crazy trying to figure it out!
Inocard the Apprentice Scribe:
I’m so glad you asked! As I sit here writing this response my mind is filled with the extraordinary things I’ve seen these last few weeks.

As our greatest mages and practitioners of the arts focus their attentions upon this most curious of substances, powers long since left slumbering seem nigh to awakening. I know of one good brother in Britain who simply won’t leave his samples alone – constantly invoking incantation after incantation, night after night. He’d heard that someone had actually managed to cast a hitherto forgotten spell of terrible power, which while failing, consumed the blackrock and left him nearly senseless.

Further reports seem to all say the same thing: there is but one method of invoking blackrock’s power known for now, yet all seem to report differing results! Truly this is the curiosity of our day, to explore the consequences of the blackrock’s use, not necessarily looking for another way to use it entirely. Rumors abound, but what shall the truth bring forward? I darest not reveal this method to the masses, lest some unwary soul do great harm to themselves or others by mischief.

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