Five on Friday - September 4, 2009

Will the Gargoyle tokens we get to change our characters race be tradeable?

Yes they will be tradeable but you have to have to have an SA Entitled Account to use it.

- Mesanna


Will there be house placment in the Gargoyle lands? If so will this follow Malas placment rules? example being nothing bigger then a Large Tower/18x18.

There will not be any lots big enough for Castles or Keeps in TerMur.

- Mesanna


Also since some have problems with the gamecodes store will we be able to order the upgrade codes via email or phone call to customer support?

Players will be able to purchase the expansion through the Official EA Store and through the UO Gamecode site. For players purchasing multiple copies we highly recommend using the EA Store as players will be able to purchase up to 5 copies per order.

- Adida


Will the new Enhanced Client be fully released (out of beta) on September 8th along with the expansion?

The Enhanced Client will remain in a beta state when the expansion is launched. We don’t plan on calling it officially released until its truly ready.

- Supreem


Why are the mimic room puzzles only penalizing casters (freezing only affects casters when it comes to healing)?

The mimic no longer spawns in the puzzle room. You will however continue to sustain some form of damage when failing to solve the puzzle correctly. As such, casters will still suffer the normal penalties of paralysis (when applicable). But at least, they will no longer be at a greater disadvantage of having to deal with pesky critters.

- Sakkarah


What is the proper procedure to insure the best results when putting in a harassment call?

Behavior that is always considered harassment includes derogatory and/or hateful comments that are sexual, racist, religious, or related to gender or creed. Origin has a zero tolerance policy towards harassment of this kind, as stated in our ] Terms of Service], and violation of the above can result in immediate and permanent account suspension on the first offense.

Behavior that is dependent on circumstance and how you attempt to resolve the situation include most other verbal harassment situations such as name calling. Before you submit a complaint be sure you understand what constitutes harassment and that you have followed these steps:

  1. You have asked the player to "please stop, *player name*", and they have continued to repeat the offending behavior.
  2. It is critical that the accused player that was told to stop should also be included as a target when submitting a petition.
  3. You have tried to remove yourself from the situation, for example, by recalling away or moving several screens.
  4. You have done nothing to instigate or further encourage the harassment.
  5. You have added the player to your ignore list, which is located in your UO options, under Filter Options.
  6. You have read and understand Electronic Arts' definition of harassment, and Electronic Arts' Terms of Service.
  7. Your account information is up to date, including a current email address.

Please note that profanity itself is not prohibited, as Ultima Online is a teen rated game by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. However, this does not permit a player to harass another player with profanity.

- UO Customer Support



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