Grapevines south 1.png
Weight: 9 Stones

Grapevines are decorative items that can be obtained from the chests recovered from Waterstained SoS messages Waterstained sos.png. There are a total of ten, facing east or south as:

Heading Left End Middle (large) Center Middle (small) Right End
South Grapevines south 1.png Grapevines south 2.png Grapevines south 3.png Grapevines south 4.png Grapevines south 5.png
East Grapevines east 1.png Grapevines east 2.png Grapevines east 3.png Grapevines east 4.png Grapevines east 5.png

Grape Bunches Grape bunch.png can be harvested by double clicking any of the pieces.

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