Healer's Touch

Leather Gloves.png
Healer's Touch
Weight: 1 Stone
Stamina Increase 3
Reflect Physical Damage 5%
Physical Resist 6%
Fire Resist 6%
Cold Resist 5%
Poison Resist 5%
Energy Resist 5%
Strength Requirement 20
Durability: 36 / 36

Healer's Touch is a blessed leather gloves quest reward.


Healer's Touch can be obtained by completing the new player quest, Bruises, Bandages and Blood, which is started by talking to Avicenna the Healing Instructor. He can be found in the Healers of New Haven shop in New Haven.


These gloves may also be a slight spoof on the Star Wars Galaxies item Microsensory Mesh Gloves, which gives a buff called "Healer's Touch" that gives the wearer a bonus to Stamina and Agility (allowing the user to mitigate damage like the resists in Ultima).

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