Holiday 2005

2005 Christmas Gifts

A Gift Box containing 1 each of the following:

Item Description
2005SoulstoneFrag.jpg Soulstone Fragment
A smaller version of a Soulstone with 5 uses. Allows a character to store or transfer skill. The token is clicked to 'claim' the stone and is account based. As with regular Soulstones, once claimed they may be used only by the account that claimed the stone. A 'claimed' stone is only useful as a 'deco' item for any other account.
2005SnowGlobe.jpg Snow Globe
A Snow Globe commemorating one of the following locations.


Blighted Grove, Citadel, Covetous, Deceit, Destard, Doom, Heartwood, Hythloth, Khaldun, Luna, Palace of Paroxysmus, Prism of Light, Shame, Umbra, Wrong or Zento

2005HolidayTree.jpg A Deed For a Holiday Tree
Christmas isn't Christmas without a Tree! Deeds may be placed in December and you may select from two styles, Classic and Modern. Both styles have dark green foliage with colored decorations.

Reindeer or Sleigh
Each gift box contained one of either a Reindeer or Sleigh, with the Reindeer being the most common. They are redeedable and allow you to select from a number of styles when placing. Four types of Reindeer (Prancing, Running, Blinking Green Nose and Standing). Each Reindeer is individually "Raised by NAME" and six directions of Sleighs (N/S/E/W/N-E/S-W) Each Sleigh is "Pieced together by NAME".


Adolescence, Ando, Argain, Axiom, Binky, Bobul, Cadillac, Carbon, Cirrus, Comforl, Cyrus, Czarzane, Dark Hanako, Darkscribe, Deko, Draconi, Draconis Rex, Drake, Ender, Eva, Excrom, Falcon, Fenris, Flogy, Foster, Fuzzle, Fylwyn, Gungix, Hannel, Hugo, Hyacinth, Iccarus, Imirian, Inoia, JIB, Jinsol, Juka, Kalag, LadyLu, Lagman, Malachite, Marby, Maul, Merlina, Mesanna, Morpheus Mostly Harmless MrsTroublemaker, MrTact, Mythfire, Nantro, Niobe, Orbeus, Penta Warg, Petrucchio, Platinum, Purpleturtle, Prume, Rend, Serado, Sefergie, Shepherd, Silvani, Singen, Skunky, Snark, Sorif, Spada, Stormwind, Taka, TheGrimmOmen, Uril, Valentine, Wasia, Wilki, Willow, Wolf, Wraith, Ya-Ssan, Yeti or Zilo

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