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Shrine of Honor

Honor is a: Virtue; a Shrine, and an Ilshenar Moongate.



When activated via the Virtues Menu, you may target a given creature that is entirely undamaged (that is, it's Hit Points, Stamina and Mana levels must be at their maximum). It could originally be used against players in addition to creatures, though this was removed in a later publish.

If you then kill the creature you are granted honor in accordance to its fame level and how "honorably" you fought it. Allowing your target the first blow and staying close to it will grant you higher levels of honor then using ranged attacks from a distance.

Honor works hand in hand with Bushido in that activating it with a skill of 50 points or more also initiates the Perfection system.


The reward for honorable combat is the ability to move amongst monsters without them becoming hostile to you. To do this, you must activate the virtue and target yourself. The effect ends after a certain time or when you next perform a hostile action. According to developer Logrus, using Honor on oneself grants a shortly durated damage bonus of 25% (source: Stratics UO Warrior Profession Forum).

You can invoke honor once every 5 minutes. The duration it last depends on how high your honor is. A knight of Honor will last 3 times as long as a seeker. This virtue only drains as you use it (as opposed to others such as Valor, which drain over time).

When using the Bushido skill Honorable Execution on an honored opponent, if successful you will be granted an honorable damage bonus.


Located in the far southwest (166°38'S, 28°20'E) of the main continent, the Shrine of Honor is a fully functional shrine; a character may lock his or her karma, be resurected, or even tithe gold there.

Wearers of the Ankh Pendant who chant the mantra "Summ" at the shrine will receive the following bonuses for one hour: +1 Mana Regeneration, +1 Stamina Regeneration. There is a fifty percent chance that one of those bonuses is increased to +2.


Honor moongate is a popular means to reach Central Ilshenar.


Honor is one of the Virtues in the moral system of Ultima Online. See the article on the Virtues for more on that moral system.

According to Ultima V, Honor is Courage to seek and uphold the Truth. Lord Blackthorn perverted the Virtue to read "If thou dost lose thine own honour, thou shalt take thine own life."

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