Murder Counts

There are two different kinds of murder counts, short term and long term. When you murder a Blue Character who is not guilded you may receive both a short-term and a long-term murder count.

Short Term

  • Each murder count goes away after 8 hours of playtime. Currently, Short Term counts hold no meaning, but previously a Murderer with more than five short term counts was in a state of "Stat Loss", wherein any time they resurrected they would suffer a skill penalty on that character.

Long Term

  • Each murder count goes away after 40 hours of playtime, in 15 minute chunks.
  • If you acquire 5 or more long-term murder counts you show as Red to the players around you, and are freely attackable in Felucca. You are also barred from all other Facets save for a single trip to Ilshenar per month, where you will be treated as any other player (blue) for the duration of your stay but unable to harm anyone beside yourself.
  • Your long-term count is always equal to or greater than your short-term count.

Assigning Murder Counts

If you are the victim of an unjust murder, you will be given the option of assigning murder counts to each of the individuals involved in your death.

Although there are no practical benefits to having murder counts (only negatives), there may be times when you wish to exercise discretion. For example, if you were battling consensually, or if you feel that your killers wish to retain their Red title as a status symbol.

Considering Your Sins

You may determine your current status in the world by saying “I must consider my sins”. You will receive a response which will show your Short Term Murders and Long Term Murders.

Towns, and Murderers

  • Currently, a murderer may enter town freely, but will still be held to the letter of the law. Any aggressive actions will call down the wrath of the guards and your corpse will be freely lootable by anyone. Players will still be able to attack you in town, but if they initiate the combat you are free to defend yourself.