Publish 32

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 32 on May 2, 2005.

New Features

  • Two new Necromancer alchemy potions with two intensities each (regular and greater)
    • Conflagration – Creates a field of flame with damage based on potion the strength of the potion. Damage is based partially on the user’s alchemy skill.
    • Confusion Blast – Confuses all monsters in an area. The size of the area is based on the strength of the potion.
  • Necromancer Exorcism spell
    • Exorcism is a Necromancer spell that also requires GM Spirit Speak to cast
    • Exorcism relocates any player ghosts around the caster to a shrine on that facet
    • Exorcism only works in a champion spawn region
    • Exorcism does not affect players who have a corpse on the same area server
    • Exorcism does not affect fellow faction, guild, alliance, or party members
    • Players with GM Spirit Speak can now see the ghosts of other players at all times
    • Exorcism scrolls are craftable by scribes, drop off of some high ranking creatures, and can be sold to shopkeepers
  • Added guild and alliance chat
    • Use “\” for guild chat
    • Use “|” (shift + “\”) for alliance chat
    • Guild and alliance chat color and ignore toggles added to options gump
  • Improved looking radar map for both 2D and 3D clients
    • Shading based upon slope of tiles (except water and lava)
    • Shading based upon height of objects (will help terrain like the hedge maze)
    • Careful Z sorting (to make roofs of buildings look better)
    • Tree canopies (won’t display in Felucca unless tree canopies option is on)
    • Corrected hue processing
  • Added a monument south-west of the Britain bank on both facets
    • Monument has statistics about the invasion
    • The color of the statue and the wording on it will vary depending on how successful players were at fighting off the invasion
  • Mini-house “Church at Night” as a 1st Year Veteran Reward
  • Paragons are now hued bright yellow in 3D client
  • Players can now hit “enter” to get through character selection screen and choose the last used character in 2D client


  • The Despise Humanoid Invasion has ended
  • Turning in a BOD removes the BOD timer based on BOD type (blacksmith/tailor)
  • BOD quest offers now display time remaining in minutes instead of hours
  • Adjusted the rate at which cloth prices fluctuate in the commodity system
  • Vendors can no longer be dismissed until all of the gold they are holding as been collected
  • The turn-in NPC for Treasures of Tokuno, Ihara Soko, can now find more than 10 artifacts in your inventory
  • Replaced Polymorph gump with a better looking iconic choice gump
  • Confirmation gump now appears when disabling auto-insurance. Also added logging on the server-end to monitor for cases where insurance might not be working as it should.
  • All spellbooks, including Paladin, Necromancer, Ninjitsu, and Bushido, will now decay if they are not stored securely.
  • Multiple changes to prevent over-filling a container past its normal capacity. Most notably, this will affect players who do not have any room in their inventory or bank box when they receive an artifact
  • Death Strike is now capped at 60 damage if the target moves and 20 damage if the target doesn’t move, with 66% of the damage determined by the ninjitsu skill of the attacker and 33% of the damage determined by the number of tiles the target was tracked for. Chained Death Strikes can raise these caps up to 70 and 30 damage, respectively.
  • Monster ignore no longer affects controlled creatures


  • Players can no longer fire a bow while moving unless you are using the Moving Shot special attack. Archery with low swing speed no longer waits too long to attack after moving. This fix also includes improved target switching for ranged combat.
  • You can no longer pay reduced rent by pricing items such that the total value of the vended items exceeds the system limits
  • Power scrolls given to dead players will now be placed in the player’s corpse
  • Decorative plants now display the plant type in their name
  • Fixed a few creatures that were still auto-dispelling summoned pets too often
  • Fixed the spellbook descriptions of Demons, Energy Vortexes and Blade Spirits to reflect the recent change to the number of control slots they require
  • Faction tags can now be seen everywhere on Siege ruleset shards, instead of just in Felucca
  • Improved script language performance and fixed issues with various scripts on the server


Update 1

On May 18, 2005, the following, known as Publish 32.1, was published:

  • Melee and Archery swing rates have both been lowered by 0.5 seconds. This means players will swing or shoot faster than they do now. (Note: The minimum swing/shoot speed was not changed in Publish 32.1. It is currently set so that you cannot swing/shoot faster than once per 1.5 seconds. We plan to reduce this to the previous cap of once per 1.25 seconds in Publish 33.)
  • Archery move delay reduced to 0.25 seconds.
  • Player status bars will no longer appear orange while a player is cursed.
  • Smelting items made from colored ore will now return the correct type of ingot, regardless of the presence of iron ingots in the player’s backpack.
  • Players can once again access multiple plant gumps simultaneously.
  • Characters will no longer become permanently frozen if they cast a spell either while logging in or logging out.
  • The Lost Apprentice corpse will now spawn correctly, allowing players to finish the Hag quest.
  • The Naturalist quest will now progress when players explore Solen egg chambers.
  • Fixed an exploit that we’re not going to provide details on, however players can rest assured that it is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause server backups not to occur when they were supposed to. Server has been properly chastised and will now produce backups as expected.

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