Publish 61

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 61 on October 7, 2009 to the Test Center shard.

Deployment History

  • October 7, 2009 - Initial testing on TC1 shard.
  • October 8, 2009 - Released to the Origin shard.
  • October 9, 2009 - Released to all shards.


  • When over head chat is turned off, regular speech from a GM was not displaying over the GM’s head.
  • New non template gargoyles will not see a selection to start in Britain even through they were starting in TerMur.
  • Fixed an issue with the legacy client using the EquipLastWeapon when switching from a conventional weapon to a throwing weapon
  • SOS gump had textual errors in the co-ordinate text

12th year Anniversary items

  • Players will have till November 8th to log into the game to receive their gift ticket.

1st year Veteran Reward

  • Virtue Floor Deed
  • Silver Sapling
  • Ultima Banner
  • Mailbox

11th and 12th year Veteran Rewards

  • To be listed in detail later

All years Veteran Reward Clothing

  • Added a box in the Lycaeum (Felucca and Trammel) which allows players to trade their veteran reward clothing for one of a different type but of the same color.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed gloves to show properly on the paperdoll
  • Fixed an issue with Hair Restyling deeds showing Gargoyle Horns in the gump
  • Fixed an issue with Animal form and Bola’s, players would instantly resurrect and have a death shroud and hue.
  • Fixed the issue with Hitching Posts causing the players backpacks to become bugged.
  • Bola’s will now give a criminal action query when used.
  • Reduced Suteks roaming range
  • World Building fixes to lava areas
  • Fixed the issue where horns were dropping as loot
  • The small square basket now requires SA Entitlement
  • Retextured the death shroud
  • Fixed an issue to allow Faction players from triggering a trapped chest to deny giving faction scores and stat loss
  • Fixed an issue with players losing bonded pets when they did not log out with the players.
  • Fixed an issue with impassable cave tiles and walls
  • Exploit – Players will no longer be able to use the Bag of Sending on the puzzle boards.
  • Plant clippers will now cut any plant that has the word Decorative in it
  • Crafting Items will no longer bark “I’m in the hack!!!”
  • Players can no longer unravel items after they have been traded
  • Gruesome standards should now be 10 stones
  • Snake Skin Boots and all masks (bear, deer and tribal) are now dyable with staining dyes
  • Gem’s color rotation now has a chance of being blaze.
  • Players can no longer build gargoyle dressers on gargoyle couches
  • Snake charmer flute recipe now requires 3 luminescent fungi instead of 2 blights to craft
  • Players will be able to meditate while wearing Gargoyle Jewelry without imbuing mage armor into it.
  • Fixed an issue with Personal Attendant dupes
  • Special leather bonuses should no longer apply to cloth armor
  • Both facings of glass swords can now be used as ingredients for crushed glass
  • Spinning Wheels should no longer get stuck in use. Players should be able to deed them without any issues.
  • Fixed an issue with Scroll Binders, Alchemy scrolls will no longer be shown as Anatomy scrolls when bound.
  • Removed Trap scrolls placed in binders having a TID error
  • Fixed an issue with players having SA entitled pets in their stables without the entitlement on their accounts
  • Clothing bless deeds can now be used on Gargish Robes
  • Added Gargoyle furniture to the dyable list for furniture dye tubs
  • Players can no longer tame the temporary summoned Raptors
  • Fixed an issue with Vet Reward Statues coming to live when attacked
  • Fixed an issue with Medusa petrifying your pets and the pet losing their original hues.
  • Slasher will no longer use the fear effect on ghosts
  • Giger no longer hates Neville, therefore he can talk by without taking cannon damage.
  • Candle of Love will no longer stack.
  • New gargoyle books have been updated to be included with the inscription skill
  • Fixed an issue with seams in Ruin Walls
  • Mud Puppies and Red Herring deeds should redeed correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue with Navrey spawning in locations players can not reach
  • Gargish furniture will actually be two lock downs. Players will be able to put items on each side. You will only have to lock down/secure one side for both sides to lock/secure
  • Fixed an issue with Guilds dropping their guild leaders. The guild system will now appoint a new leader if the original one is dropped.
  • Niporailem will now switch targets properly if the original target is unavailable
  • Faction guilds can no longer be in an alliance with non faction guilds.
  • Fixed an issue with SA cave entrances blocking caves in legacy.
  • Fixed an exploit where players were getting multiple puzzle boxes. Puzzle boxes will now delete themselves when placed on the floor and someone tries to pick it up.
  • The treasure/sand will no longer be blessed, it will fall to the players corpse
  • Fixed an issue with the wizard hat twitching while sitting
  • Fixed an issue with Fishing poles being destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with players being teleported into the ground at the Primevil Lich champ spawn
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to buy from Gargoyle Vendors
  • Players will no longer get the “no container” message when trying to get the pet food they do not want.
  • Tasty Treats will no longer stack
  • Fixed an issue with Treasure sand being statics when dropped.
  • Iron Beetle no longer requires taming to control (still needs SA entitlement)
  • Gargoyle Race change tokens are now blessed
  • Fixed an issue with the Experimental Gem in the Puzzle room
  • Fixed an issue with the Abyssal Infernal’s special condemnation attack causing players to become stuck
  • Fixed an issue with the Despise bridge causing Line of Sight issues
  • Casting while holding a weapon will no longer damage the weapon.
  • Damage rate of weapons have been adjusted.
  • Players who log out in the lamp room or trap maze puzzle room, will be teleported to a different location at log in.
  • The 3.0 SoT reward from the trap maze puzzle has temporarily been replaced by a Lucky Coin.


  • October 9, 2009 - Pet loss bug corrected after reports from Origin shard.

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