Red Wolf Cafe

Map to the Red Wolf Cafe (Trammel)

The Red Wolf Cafe is a player establishment on the shard of Chesapeake in Trammel, located just west of Britain in the player town of Gyldenfeld.

Starting off as a small, roadside shack in February 2003, the cafe was founded in an attempt to foster more shardwide, player-run events and happenings. It moved to it's present, larger location in late 2003 and held weekly events for two years every Tuesday evening but scaled back in scheduled activities in later years.

The Red Wolf Cafe was well-known for it's monthly Regattas (boat races), complete with a series of race courses and record keeping of times for each. Other popular events included stage productions, game shows, dungeon races, poetry readings and a plethora of other player-run events. The cafe has at times served as an auction house, theater, shop, stables, smithy and rune library. It has a complete set of public dye tubs in the stable area.

The EM Celestria was a frequent patron and the cafe was honored with an EM-placed Moongate that linked to Britain for a while.

Due to the cafe's constant activity, the local citizenry eventually banded together and founded the town of Gyldenfeld in July 2004. The town was a bit different than other player towns as the primary focus was not on roleplaying but more geared towards player events, contests and group hunts. The cafe ostensibly serves as the de facto town hall for Gyldenfeld as alcohol is served all day.

The Red Wolf Cafe was notable most recently as the Finish Line for the Chesapeake Olympics 2008 Horse Race event.