Sanya Thomas was a Director of Community Relations following the reorganization of UO under the EA-Mythic partnership. Sanya Thomas no longer works for EA Mythic, she left in May of 2007. A WarCry interview with Sanya detailed that she was a community manager at EA-Mythic (formerly Mythic Entertainment). She played Dark Age of Camelot and was its Director of Community Relations.

Introduction Message

Sanya posted the following on U Hall Stratics to introduce herself:

Hi. I'm told you all don't bite... hard.

I'm Sanya. I'm Mythic's community weenie. Well, EA Mythic, which is actually how I got here in front of you today. Long story, one for another time.

MMO community work is what I love best. If you ever see me move to development like that crazy Wilki, it's because someone tripled my salary and gave me access to naked grape-peeling dancing boys who bring me slushies on the hour, every hour. I've been doing this for five years, and the main thing I've learned (besides "consume frozen drinks slowly") is when to shut up and leave things to the experts.

In the case of you guys, I'm going to let Jeremy (intro to follow in the next post) do the lurking and the posting, for the most part. She has been playing UO since launch, and loves this game the way I love Dark Age of Camelot. I'll be advocating for you in the big picture, but Jeremy will actually be at development meetings representing you.

We have some stuff planned, tools for feedback, and things to celebrate you as individuals and as guilds. But this thread is about saying hello, and sniffing each other like deranged beagles. Tomorrow, we'll start the real conversation.

I'm, in case you care. Okay, take it away, Jeremy!

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