Scraping the Bottom

Scraping the Bottom is a quest given out by Xenrr inside the Underworld. The quest can only be done once per character.

Quest Description

  • Catch a Mud Puppy from the underground river in the Abyss and bring it to Xenrr for your reward.

Green Goblins have big problem. If you help, me help you. Important fish live at bottom of river. Goblins call it Mud Puppy. Very strange fish. Have to fish very far down. You bring Mud Puppy to Xenrr, me give you special reward.


Quest Objective

Quest Lore

Mud Puppy can be caught in the river inside the Underworld by a fisherman who has enough fishing skill to fish an ordinary big fish which is 80%. Since having the quest is not necessary to catch the fish, any other character can fish it up for you.

Set the Mud Puppy as a quest item and return to Xenrr for your reward.

Good job. Mud Puppy have good mud. Xenrr use mud to fix broken walls. Good for everyone. Walls not fall down. Just have to squeeze Mud Puppy and mud comes out.

Well, a deal is a deal. Here is something good for you.



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