The Darkness

This quest is given out by SinVraal the Gargoyle. He can be found northeast of Minoc and Vesper at coordinates 129o 38'N 128o 6'E. Double-click on him to be presented with the quest.


Anne can be found on the second floor of the Empath Abbey in Yew.


Nothing other than being able to take on the next quest, A Dark Flame.



To greet you wholeheartedly. To feel thankful for your willingness to help.

To not be able to see? To think that if the shrines of Compassion, Justice and Sacrifice are involved that it is likely that Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hatred, is behind the darkness. To know that such a powerful magic can be countered, but to believe that only by seeking the innate power of the opposite can it be done.

To recommend that you seek out more knowledge at Empath Abbey. To know that the monks there study how Love can overcome Hatred. To want you to take this book to the Keeper of the Flame at Empath Abby. To suspect that she will understand.

To wish you good fortune against such a terrible foe.


Greetings, how may I help thee?

  • Anne listens to your story*

Oh my! Astaroth you say? Well, Sin'Vraal may very well be right. Let me take a look at the book.

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