The Sheriff of Trinsic

The sheriff of trinsic.png

The Sheriff was in charge of tracking down Ricardo the Thief. He can be found in the Trinsic jail.


The sheriff will respond to keywords when spoken near him.

  • Ricardo: That scoundrel is still at large. We need help bringing him to justice.
    • Justice: Will you help?
      • I will help: Excellent! Search out his lair. Report to me once it is found, and we shall lay a trap.
        • Search: I've got no idea where to start other than that. That's why we put up the posters.
        • Lair: Ricardo has a hidden lair, if we can find it, we could lay an ambush.
          • Ambush: Find a landmark near the lair, and report the details to me.
            • Landmark: We'll also need the means to enter the lair. So, key, lever, something.
              • Key: I'll leave that to your wiles, but you will have to investigate to find his lair.
                • Investigate: If the wispers are true, Ricardo had a network of informants deeper than the Abyss.
                  • Abyss: You don't know? Ah well, I just meant it as a metaphor anyway.
                  • Informants: You'll have to search the towns for persons of questionable integrity, and get the facts.
                    • Intergrity: You know, folks of low moral character. Folks who might work for a thief.
                    • Facts: You might have the urge to get rough with them, but remember we are not barbarians.
                    • Questionable: You might have the urge to get rough with them, but remember we are not barbarians.
                      • Rough: you should stick to intimidation, rather than actual violence.
                        • Intimidation: you know, to let them know what might happen if they don't talk.

Players then went to seek out "Shaddy Characters" NPCs on each shard, trying to discover the lair location and password.

  • Old burned tree: Excellent. Sounds like the place. now how do we get inside? is there a password?
  • Shard-specific password: The guard will set up an ambush and we'll catch him yet. Feel free to liberate his things.