Thieves Be Afoot!

This quest is given out by Quartermaster Flint in the Underworld.


Travel into the Underworld and search for the stolen barrels of barley. Return them to Quartermaster Flint for your reward.


Hail Traveler. Trying to find the fabled Stygian Abyss are ye? I say good luck, an' be weary for I believe there to be a den o' thieves hidden in them halls! Aye, just last night I lost four barrels o' Barley. I know they be sayin' that none but critters live in them halls, but I've looked every place I dare and seen no sign o' me barrels.

Hope them lazy Society folk got a good nap last night, cause they wan have any o' me fine Barley based products unless we get those barrels back! I canne believe none of them loafers who was guarding the door saw nothin! Oy, it makes me so mad, I must not think of it and control me temper... It's a frickin' barrel of Barley! How could they miss seeing it???

Sorry... I don' mean ta be takin' it out on ye. Tell you what friend. You find those barrels and I will pay you for bringin' them back. There be some nasty stuff in thar, so if'n ye bring back all four, I have somethin' special I will share with ye!


Fine then, be on yar way but be warned! Ol' Flint makes the best refreshin' barley products in tha known world! That barley will not profit ye if'n ol' Flint ha' not prepared it proper!


Obtain four Barrels of Barley.


A Bottle of Flint's Pungent Brew


It's good to have ol' Flint's barrels back where they belong. For this, ye are in for a special treat, some of ol' Flint's special brew! This brew is so pungent that even after ye sober up people around ye will will start feelin' tipsy! It has a special bottle to keep it contained... err... I mean fresh, so don't lose it!

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