Vine Cord Sandals

Vine Cord Sandals on display in the Museum of Wonders in Royal City, Ter Mur.

Vine Cord Sandals is a single pair of green sandals that was given out to a player by a Seer on Sonoma shard. With the Age of Shadows expansion, the sandals got some new item properties. Because of the modifications, it was subject to massive duping. A pair was offered for sale in early 2008 for $450 U.S. Today, only a single pair is on display in the Museum of Wonders in Royal City, Ter Mur.


Initially there was only one pair of sandals. Unfortunately a player with evil intentions got hold of the only pair and proceeded to dupe them. Other unscrupulous players bought those sandals and duped them. Eventually there were at least a couple dozen in existence.

Players were quite vocal about their existence. For one, they gave quite an advantage having 20 total resistances in an equipment slot that usually carries none. There was also the duping aspect and how people were profiting from their sale. During Publish 52 the developers secretly put and end to it all. Vine Cord Sandals will now lose all special properties if moved or worn. There are none known to exist anymore, including the original pair, except the one on display in Museum of Wonders in Royal City, Ter Mur. The official announcement can be found here on the UO website.



While the sandals have the Item Property of Self Repair, they have no Durability attribute so the Self Repair is redundant.

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