Dawn's Music Box

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Dawn's Music Box
Weight: 1 Stone
4 Common Tracks

Once a great man, Lord Blackthorn's body & soul became twisted by the power of Exodus. Seeking total control over Sosaria, he led a fearsome army, cutting down all who opposed him. Sosaria's salvation lay in a simple peasant named Dawn who valiantly opposed the corrupted Lord and led the people of Sosaria to victory. This music box was given to Dawn in gratitude of her achievements.

Dawn's Music Box was introduced as an 8th Anniversary gift. It is dedicated to UO's fifth year, September 2001 to September 2002. You can use a 8th Anniversary Token to claim one. During the 9th Anniversary, Heritage Tokens were given out which could also be used to get one.

Common and Uncommon music gears are dropped by Golems, Blackthorn Juggernauts and Betrayers. Rare music gears can only be found on the Paragon versions (with the exception of Veritae's Music Box Gear, which was only available from a now defunct quest).


Press the blue diamonds to listen to each song
  • Can be turned with an Interior Decorator tool.
  • Tracks keep the order they are placed into the music box and can not be changed.
  • Each box comes with 4 random "Common" tracks already inserted.
  • You must have music enabled in the Options Menu to hear the songs.
  • There are 40 Common, 12 Uncommon, and 4 Rare tracks.


Common Gears

There are currently 40 Common Music Box Gears

Cue MIDI MP3 Music Box Description Rarity Context
18 Samlethe Ambrosia Ambrosia Common Unknown
32 Sailing Boattravel Boat Travel Common Sailing
10 Britain2 Britain1 Britain Common Unknown
9 Britain1 Britainpos Britain (Positive) Common Britain
11 Bucsden Bucsden Buc's Den Common Buccaneer's Den
27 Forest_A Citynightedit City Night Common Most wilderness areas
47 Cove Cove Cove Common Cove, parts of the wilderness
42 Death Deathtune Death Tune Common OooO oOo Ooo
26 Dungeon09 Dragonshi Dragons (High) Common Dungeons
46 Dungeon02 Dragonslo Dragons (Low) Common Demon Temple, Destard
25 Cave01 Dungeon Dungeon Common Unknown
40 Combat3 Gargoyles Gargoyles Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
38 Combat1 Goodevil Good vs. Evil Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
39 Combat2 Humanoids Humanoids Common Combat (randomly 38, 39 or 40)
12 Jhelom Jhelom Jhelom Common Jhelom
14 Linelle Linelle Linelle Common Trinsic Jungle and between Trinsic and Britain
13 LBCastle Lbc Lord British's Castle Common Lord British's Castle
16 Minoc Minocpos Minoc (Positive) Common Minoc
48 Moonglow Moonglowpos Moonglow (Positive) Common Moonglow
15 Magincia Newmagincia New Magincia Common Magincia
45 Nujel'm Nujel'm Nujel'm Common Nujel'm
44 BTCastle Overlordv2 Overlord Common Lord Blackthorne's Castle
37 Tavern04 Pubtune Pub Tune Common Unknown
20 Skarabra Scarabreapos Skara Brae (Positive) Common Skara Brae
8 Stones2 Stones1 Stones Common Opening, after other tune finishes (MIDI only)
19 Serpents Stones Stones (Alternative) Common Serpent's Hold
51 (Oldult04) Taiko Taiko Common Combat in Tokuno Islands
34 Tavern01 Tavern1 Tavern 1 Common Taverns
35 Tavern02 Tavern2 Tavern 2 Common Taverns
36 Tavern03 Tavern3 Tavern 3 Common Taverns
50 (Serpents) Tokunodungeon Tokuno Dungeon Common Yomotsu Mines, Fan Dancer Dojo
21 Trinsic Trinsicpos Trinsic (Positive) Common Trinsic
2 Oldult01 Turfin Turfin Common Opening, after other tune finishes (MIDI only)
17 Ocllo Valoriapos Valoria (Positive) Common Ocllo, Haven
22 Vesper Vesper1 Vesper Common Vesper, parts of the wilderness
43 Victory Victory Victory Common Unknown
30 Mountn_A Walking Walking Common In front of Wrong, Ice Island, wilderness, Shrines
23 Wind Yew1 Yew Common Wind, around Haven gate
24 Yew Yewpos Yew (Positive) Common Yew
49 N/A Zento Zento Common Zento

Uncommon Gears

There are currently 12 Uncommon Music Box Gears

Cue MIDI MP3 Music Box Description Rarity Context
57 N/A ConversationWithGwenno Conversation With Gwenno Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
52 N/A Dread_horn_area Dread Horn Area Uncommon Twisted Weald
53 N/A Elf_city_1 Elf City Uncommon Heartwood
58 None GoodEndGame Good End Game (U9) Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
59 N/A GoodVsEvil Good Vs. Evil (U9) Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
60 N/A GreatEarthSerpentsTheme Great Earth Serpent's Theme Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
54 N/A Grizzle_dungeon Grizzle Dungeon Uncommon Bedlam
61 N/A HumanoidsU9 Humanoids (U9) Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
55 N/A Melisandes_lair Melisandes' Lair Uncommon Blighted Grove
62 N/A MinocNegative Minoc (Negative) (U9) Uncommon Dawn's Music Box
56 N/A Paroxysmus_lair Paroxysmus' Lair Uncommon Palace of Paroxysmus
63 N/A Paws Paws (U9) Uncommon Dawn's Music Box

Rare Gears

There are currently 4 Rare Music Box Gears.
"The Wanderer" was only available during the "Book of Truth" quest in early spring 2007.

Cue MIDI MP3 Music Box Description Rarity Context
64 N/A SelimsBar Selim's Bar (Strike Command) Rare Dawn's Music Box
65 None UltimaVIISerpentIsleComb Ultima VII / Serpent Isle Combat Rare Dawn's Music Box
66 None ValoriaShips Valoria Ships (U9) Rare Dawn's Music Box
? None TheWanderer The Wanderer Rare Ultima Underworld (Only obtainable from Veritae's Music Box Gear)

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